has released a map illustrating the favorite candy in each state.

The bulk online retailer said it reached out to major candy manufacturers and distributors, as well as collected 26,000 responses from customers. said its data revealed peppermint bark has increased in popularity nationwide, since three new states had it ranked as their No. 1 for the second year. It’s now the top holiday candy in 11 states, including California, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Perennial holiday favorites such as candy canes, chocolate santas, Hershey Kisses and reindeer corn continue to represent, earning the top spot in five states each. 

Meanwhile, Montana was the only state to cite Reese’s Pieces as its top holiday candy, and Florida is the only state that considers Skittles to be its favorite holiday candy. Other candies not traditionally associated with the holidays to rank include Starburst, Jolly Rancher and Pez.

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