Meiji America Inc. has launched a caramel variety of its Meiji Hello Panda snacks.

Meiji Hello Panda Caramel snacks are the perfect combination of creamy caramel with the crunch of a crisp cracker. The bite-size treat holds a smooth caramel crème filling in a cute, panda-head shaped crunchy shell. Its unique form makes them easy to eat without any mess. Each shell features illustrations of pandas enjoying over 30 different sports, creating a fun and tasty interactive snacking experience. 

Caramel will become the U.S. division's first original Meiji Hello Panda flavor and is not available abroad. 

"We wanted to create a flavor that had the potential to be a close second to chocolate in terms of consumer appeal and sales volume," said Ken Vlazny, senior v.p. of sales and marketing. "Meiji Hello Panda Caramel went through several rounds of testing and flavor refinement, and the flavor we are introducing has tested extremely well with consumers."

Meiji America Inc. will launch its new addition in the brand's iconic hexagonal 2.1 oz. box (S.R.P. $1.39), standard 2.2-oz. pillow bag (S.R.P. $1.39), hexagonal 8-ct. 0.75 oz. multi-pack box (S.R.P. $3.59) and 7-oz. standup pouch (S.R.P. $3.49).

Meiji Hello Panda Caramel snacks are available nationwide along with the brand's Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Matcha Green Tea flavors.