Alina Morse, the 14-year-old creator of Zolli Candy, and her 10-year-old sister, Lola, have decorated Christmas trees to make “Easter trees.”

Using DIY decor and candies from their healthy candy company, the Michigan sisters hoped to spread some cheer while their state and much of the country isolates at home.

"Since I'm home from school, I can actually work full-time on my business and was looking to be re-inspired," Alina said. "I re-read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' as it's what inspired me to be an entrepreneur. Along with that, I went back to my 'Idea Binder,' which is where I started housing all my ideas from the age of 3. I wanted to take this quarantine time to expand on ideas to continue to grow my business.”

Alina added she and Lola wanted to celebrate spring and are encouraging others to do the same. The sisters partnered with Treetopia to bring their trees to life.

“The pink, yellow, and blue trees really gave our house a party vibe, so we've also been having dance parties and making mom and dad participate to pass the time,” she said.

At age 7, while researching ways to create healthy candy she could have all the time, Morse invented Zollipops, the clean teeth lollipops. They hit shelves in 2014 when she was 9.