CHOCOVISION has been postponed to June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event is organized by Barry Callebaut and typically held every two years in Davos, Switzerland. 

It was slated to be held June 9-11 and organizers said that anyone who already registered will be reimbursed for the full registration fee. 

According to the event website, CHOCOVISION was started in 2012 and is held every two years in Davos, Switzerland. It attracts senior business leaders and key stakeholders in the cocoa, chocolate and confectionery industry to discuss strategic topics of common interest. 

The conference brings together more than 200 leading personalities from industry, governments and civil society come together in Davos, Switzerland, to work together on securing a sustainable chocolate future for all stakeholders along the value chain – from the farmer to the consumer. 

Barry Calleabut also recently released a letter from Geert Kiesekoms, V.P. and general manager, Gourmet and Manoela Lima, director of marketing, Gourmet Brands at the chocolate company about how the company is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our world is facing extraordinary challenges. We want to express our deepest support to the whole community of chefs, businesses, and partners who are joining the fight against the global spread of COVID-19,” they wrote. “These times are difficult, and we are entering uncharted territory, but together we can continue to exchange, encourage and care for each other.”

They also said they are committed to exploring different ways to uphold the company’s core values, bringing chocolate education and tools to the industry even during this time. 

“⁠The health and safety of our employees and customers are our key priorities. As the situation continues to develop, we are committed to supporting our community,” they wrote. “The Chocolate Academies and our Gourmet brands thank you for all your efforts. We know that we are stronger together through this challenging situation.”