Description: Luxury chocolate company To’ak Chocolate has relaunched its entire portfolio to allow more customers to enjoy its ultra-premium chocolate in a more accessible way.

The Signature Harvest collection showcases the flavors of Nacional and Heirloom Nacional cacao from specific harvests in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. The collection includes:

  • Rain Harvest 2015 Dark: 80.5% cacao from the Arriba growing region in Ecuador featuring floral, woody, herbal, earthy, berry notes on the palate.
  • El Niño Harvest 2016: 78% cacao from the Piedra de Plata region in Ecuador, featuring ripe banana, mint/eucalyptus and earthy red fruit notes on the palate.
  • Rain Harvest 2017: 76% cacao from coastal Ecuador, featuring pistachio, orange bitters, black cherry and hints of espresso notes on the palate.
  • El Niño Harvest 2016 100%: To’ak’s first 100% cacao bar offers notes of floral, berries, mint, red wine and forest floor on the palate.
  • Galapagos Harvest 2018: Ecuadorian cacao grown and sourced from two small islands in the Galapagos gives this bar notes of cookies and fudge, nutmeg and brown fruits on the palate.

The Signature Aged collection highlights the beauty of cacao aged in casks or with other ingredients. The collection includes:

  • Bourbon Cask 2 Years: Made with 76% cacao aged for two years in Woodford Reserve American Oak barrel, it features notes of vanilla, honey and winter spices.
  • Kampot Pepper 3 Years: Made with 80.5% cacao aged with Cambodian Kampot pepper, it features notes of nuts and dark fruits, with the pepper coming in at the mid-palate with hints of wood and coffee, and spice and citrus on the back end.
  • Pedro Ximenez Cask 2 Years: Made with 76% cacao aged for two years in cask that once stored the syrupy Spanish sherry. It features notes of figs, allspice, butter cookie, oak and cinnamon.
  • Sauternes Cask 3 Years: Made with 78% cacao aged in a cask that once stored the Bordeaux dessert wine. It features notes of raisins, ripe plum and honeyed oak.
  • Andean Alder 4 Years: To’ak’s inaugural 2014 edition was aged for four years with Andean Alder wood. It features savory notes of rosemary, oregano, roasted beef and campfire, punctuated with cranberry and creamy spice.
  • Tequila Cask 3 Years: To’ak’s Rain Harvest 2015 - Light (73%) cacao matured in a Don Julio cask to offer notes of soft fruit and butterscotch with a sweet agave twang and a touch of vanilla and nutmeg.
  • Palo Santo 3 Years: Made with 80.5% cacao aged with fragrant Palo Santo wood. It features notes of pine, coconut, mint and lemon peel.
  • Islay Whiskey Cask 3 Years: Made with 73% cacao aged in a single malt whisky cask from the famed Laphroaig distillery in Islay. It features notes of caramelized fruit, honey, peat smoke and savory sea grass.

The Mini Bar collections are available in a 9-piece mix of the Harvest collection and 18-piece mixes of the Harvest and Aged collections.

S.R.P.: $25-$55