Askinosie Chocolate will release a limited-edition bar made in partnership with Ezekiel “Zeke” Emanuel, a chocolate aficionado and healthcare policy expert, using a rare varietal of cocoa bean with a special story.  

The 76% Chinchipe, Ecuador Dark Chocolate bar is made with a distinguished and celebrated cocoa varietal, called Criollo, sourced from a septuagenarian smallholder female farmer in the Amazon. Nicknamed “The Zeke Bar,” it is a collaborative effort between Shawn Askinosie, founder and ceo of Askinosie Chocolate, and Emanuel, who values Askinosie’s commitment to transparent sourcing practices. 

“This was our second bar made in partnership with Zeke, who in his career has become known for his stance on aging and end of life,” Shawn Askinosie said. “It made sense to use these excellent cocoa beans — some of the best I’ve ever tasted — grown and harvested by Lenore, who at 70 years old is setting the standard for premium cocoa. I think you can taste the experience and passion of both Zeke and Lenore in this bar.” 

Emanuel is an oncologist and bioethicist who serves as senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. He is also the current vice provost for global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and chair of the Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy. He formerly served as an associate professor at the Harvard Medical School until 1998, when he joined the National Institutes of Health.

Emanuel visited the Askinosie Chocolate factory in Springfield, Mo., and spent a week crafting the bar alongside the small Askinosie Chocolate team, acting as a guest chocolate maker. The unique bar made with just two ingredients: Criollo cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. The criollo varietal has a distinct bold flavor. The chocolate bar is also certified Kosher D. E., vegan and gluten free.  

The first collaboration between Emanuel and the Askinosie team resulted in a 75% Madagascar bar released in fall 2017.

The 3-oz. “Zeke Bar” retails for $14 at the Askinosie factory store and at It’s also available at select retailers nationwide.