Tara Wright, creator of Yum-Wick edible chocolate candles, has received a patent for her product. 

The Long Island mom of two worked for a decade to patent the product, which is made with Belgian chocolate.

“After over a decade of incessant patent examiner rejections, receiving a strong utility patent for my completely edible candle ideas, with wicks made of everything from nuts, to soy and tofu, I am in shock!” she says. “I always believed God didn’t give me these ideas for nothing — even when it seemed absolutely impossible.”

A SAG-AFTRA actress by trade, Wright rarely ate chocolate and didn’t know how to make her candles.

“I accidentally saw a nut burn and the flame was so beautiful like a candle,” she recalls. “I started to mull over what went best with nuts, and this is the idea I came up with. I had chocolatiers make them, but decided I wanted to take a class and make it myself so I can be more creative.”

Since then, she’s made a variety of edible candles, including a non-chocolate version for pets.  

“And now I own the exclusive rights, including copyright, trademark and design patent pending, in addition to the utility patent.” she says. “I’m floored!”

She also made the product Kosher based on customer request and was accepted by OK Kosher, a highly recognized kashrut.

“I feel like Yum-Wick is a way to eliminate wax drippings, no waste and it’s affordable,” she says.