This year’s Sweets and Snacks Expo is set for May 21-23 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

More than 800 exhibitors had registered in mid-April, and at least 30 countries will be represented. In partnership with Impulse Marketing, the show will feature Destination Retail, where visitors can learn how retailers are using technology and innovative merchandising to create a better in-store experience and how the power of occasions supports a year-round seasonal business.

The National Confectioners Association has also developed three tracks for its educational programing: How We Shop, How We Eat, and How We Work. These themes will explore consumer behaviors and trends in treating and snacking. More than 20 educational sessions are planned.

Below is a look at some the products we are most excited to see at the show, listed alphabetically by company name.

Be sure to stop by the Candy Industry booth (No. 4011) and say hello. Also, check out the July issue for all our post-show coverage!  

Check out some of our other favorite products below!


Atkinson Candy Co.

Lufkin, Texas / (936) 639-2333

Sweets & Snacks Products


Now made without artificial colors and flavors, Chick-O-Stick offers a unique combination of fresh-made peanut butter and toasted coconut in a crunchy candy stick. Featuring updated packaging, Chick-O-Stick is available in a variety of formats including count goods, change makers, peg bags and bulk.

S.R.P.: N/A


American Licorice Co.

La Porte, Ind. / (219) 324-1400

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sour Punch Soda Bites

These chewy, soda-inspired bites come in Cherry, Lime and Cola flavors to mix and match to create new flavor blends. They’ll be available this fall.

S.R.P.: 5 oz., $1.39-$1.69; 9 oz., $2.99-$3.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sour Punch Spicy Bites

Traditional fruity, sweet and sour flavors are paired with a unique, spicy infusion. This assortment includes Spicy Pineapple, Spicy Watermelon, Spicy Mango and Spicy Cantaloupe. They’ll be available this fall.

S.R.P.: 5 oz., $1.39-$1.69; 9 oz., $2.99-$3.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sour Punch Americana Bag

New for Spring/Summer 2019, this assortment of chewy candy features red, white and blue graphics for summer. Flavors include Strawberry, Green Apple and Blue Raspberry.

S.R.P. (9 oz.): $2.99-$3.49

Sour Punch Trees

New for Christmas 2019, these chewy tree shapes in small pouches are perfect for stocking stuffers. Available in Cherry and Lime flavors, they come as half trees for fun pairing options. The winter-themed packaging features a to/from tag.

S.R.P. (2.5 oz.): $1



Santa Monica, Calif. / (310) 795-2055

Sweets & Snacks Products

Tropical Banana Bites

Hints of tangy mango, goldenberry and pineapple will have snackers fantasizing about that tropical beach that’s nowhere near the office. These banana bites are organic, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, grain-free and kosher.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $4.99


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bites

No mess, just pure nutty deliciousness — banana dipped in chocolate peanut butter. Made with FairTrade chocolate, these banana bites are organic, non-GMO, vegetarian, kosher and grain-free.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $4.99


Bazooka Candy Brands

New York, N.Y. / (917) 355-2398

Sweets & Snacks Products

Baby Bottle Pop Candy Canes

Offering a twist on the holiday classic, these Strawberry and Blue Raspberry hard candy canes come with tubes of Strawberry and Blue Raspberry powder for dipping.

S.R.P. (4.6 oz.): $2.29-$2.59


Belgian Boys

Williamsburg, N.Y. / (212) 634-4769

Sweets & Snacks Products

Mini Choc ‘O Chip Cookie Stash

This crunchy butter cookie features Belgian chocolate chips. Packed in 1-oz. pouches, these cookies are non-GMO, kosher and free of nuts and palm oil.

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $4.99


Béquet Confections

Bozeman, Mont. / (406) 586-2191

Sweets & Snacks Products

Béquet Caramel Sauce

This silky-smooth, traditional vanilla butter caramel sauce comes in a single-serving cup. Attractive minimal packaging makes it ready for gifting or sharing. The caramel contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives and is certified kosher and gluten-free.

S.R.P. (2-pack): $4.99-$5.99


Biena Snacks

Boston, Mass. /  (617) 202-5210

Sweets & Snacks Products

Biena Chickpea Puffs

These chickpea puffs are loaded with 7 grams of plant protein and are grain-free, containing no rice or corn fillers. They’re available in three flavors: Aged-White Cheddar, Vegan Ranch and Blazin’ Hot.

S.R.P.: 0.6 oz., $1.79; 3.2 oz. $3.99


Bixby & Co.

Rockland, Maine / (207) 691-2634

Sweets & Snacks Products

Bixby Sea Salted Caramels

Available in dark and milk chocolate varieties, Bixby’s Sea Salted Caramels are non-GMO and free of corn syrups and gluten. They’re made with Rainforest Alliance-certified, ethically-sourced chocolate.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $3.99

Non-GMO PB Bites

Light and crunchy, these non-GMO peanut butter bites are covered in Rainforest Alliance-certified dark or milk chocolate. The dark chocolate variety is also vegan.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $3.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Bixby Clusters

These snacking clusters are available in four varieties: Dark Chocolate Almond Coconut Sea Salt (vegan), Dark Chocolate Raspberry Quinoa (Vegan), Milk Chocolate Pistachio Sea Salt and Milk Chocolate Cranberry Sea Salt.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $3.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Caramels

These gluten-free and non-GMO caramels offer a taste of fall. They’re covered in Rainforest Alliance-certified chocolate.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): N/A


Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe

Bountiful, Utah / (801) 292-1339

Sweets & Snacks Products

Great American Gourmet Fudge Co. Bites

These individually-wrapped, gluten-free bites of fudgy goodness are crafted from the finest ingredients and handmade in small batches using wooden paddles and copper kettles. They’re available in seven flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peppermint and Pumpkin Pie.

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $4.99


Boston America Corp.

Woburn, Mass. /  (781) 933-3535

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sloth is my Spirit Animal tins

Enjoy this cute sloth really, really slowly. Each tin contains 1 oz. of strawberry-flavored sloth-shaped dextrose candies.

S.R.P.: $2.99-$3.99


Bob Ross Color Pallet dip

Use your creativity and make a flavorful dip. Each packet contains a dextrose paint brush and three colors/flavors for dipping. Flavors include Strawberry, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple.

S.R.P. (0.85 oz.): $2.99


British Wholesale Imports, Inc.

Westlake Village, Calif. / (818) 991-6644

Sweets & Snacks Products

Baileys Chocolate Twists

Delicate and crispy wafers are filled with Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur ganache and wrapped in smooth milk chocolate.

S.R.P. (4.2 oz.): $4.99

Violet Crumble

Produced by Australia’s Robern Menz, this classic Australian candy bar features a crumbly honeycomb center covered in a chocolate coating.

S.R.P. (1.75 oz.): $2.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Guinness Mini Pints

Perfect for any Guinness fan, these pint-shaped chocolates have a Guinness-flavored center with a dark chocolate and white chocolate shell. Each package comes with 8 pints.

S.R.P. (2.2 oz.): $7.99


Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake

Made from a secret recipe using the finest ingredients, Romney’s Kendal Mint Cake in non-GMO and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It’s hearty enough to withstand being transported while camping, hiking and adventuring. Romney’s melts in your mouth when you’re looking for a boost of delicious, minty energy.

S.R.P. (2.99 oz.): $1.99


Bubba’s Fine Foods

Loveland, Colo. / / (970) 366-4567

Sweets & Snacks Products

Grand Garlic Parm ‘Nana Chips

These kettle-cooked green banana chips are for people who crave naughty, big flavors and nice, low-guilt ingredients. They’re non-GMO, paleo, vegan, kosher and free of grains, gluten, soy, dairy and added sugar.

S.R.P. (1.3 oz.): $1.59



Louisville, Ky. / (502) 893-3626

Sweets & Snacks Products

Marvel Avengers Fanimation fans

CandyRific is using brand-new technology that allows consumers to have an animated LED show right in their hand. The image displayed on the Marvel Avengers fan changes as the fan spins and the light behind it flashes. Each fan comes with 0.53 oz. of assorted fruit-flavored dextrose candies made with natural flavors and colors.

S.R.P.: $5.99 

Sweets & Snacks Products

M&M’S bladeless fans

These bladeless fans feature Blue and Red M&M’S characters on the handles. Each fan comes with one fun-size pack of M&M’S milk chocolate candies.

S.R.P.: $5.99


M&M’S tube fans

These tube fans are available in Red, Yellow and Blue. Each fan comes with one fun-size pack of M&M’S milk chocolate candies.

S.R.P.: $4.99



Fort Lee, N.J. / / (201) 585-8730

Sweets & Snacks Products

Trufettes de France Snacking Chocolate

This snacking chocolate is made with a soft truffle center and crispy quinoa inclusions. There are three varieties available: Cranberries, Hazelnut and Coconut.

S.R.P. (6.35 oz.): $5.99


Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co.

St. Louis, Mo.  / (314) 338-3501

Sweets & Snacks Products

Bee-Berry Honey Caramel Bites

Fresh blackberries are cooked into a unique soft honey caramel. Each bite-sized piece is made with dark chocolate. It’s the bee’s knees!

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.95


Chocolette Confectionery

Lewes, Dela. / (845) 800-3382

Sweets & Snacks Products

RED Delight Chocolate collection

RED Delight has 16 calories per piece and no added sugar. It’s created without cocoa oil substitutes, artificial colorants or preservatives. All products in the RED Delight collection are certified kosher, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan where noted. Varieties of the 3.5-oz. bars include Extra Dark, Dark, Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almond, and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut and Macadamia. The collection also includes milk chocolate nut-filled praline boxes.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $3.20


Colombina Candy

Miami, Fla. / (786) 265-1920


Colombina Moments Cookies

Available in Coconut and Lemon flavors, these cookies are sure to please. Packed in a mix of shapes, each serving is 130 calories.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $1.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Natural Ginger Hard Candy

These candy pieces contain just five ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, natural flavor, turmeric and carmine for color.

S.R.P. (5 lb.): $5.20


CORE Foods

Los Angeles, Calif. / (510) 463-4145

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic Probiotic Overnight Oat bars

These bars will entice a variety of palates with six flavors: Lemon Poppy Seed, Coconut Cashew Mango, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Blueberry Banana Almond and Dark Chocolate Cherry. They’re packed full of organic, plant-based ingredients such as gluten-free oats, nuts and seeds. All six flavors are vegan, with at least 6 grams of soluble fiber and 5 grams of protein.

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $2.99


Divine Chocolate

Washington, D.C. / (202) 332-8913

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic Dark Chocolate Bars

Divine Chocolate has launched its first line of organic chocolate bars, sourcing cocoa from CECAQ-11, a co-operative of farmers on the island of São Tomé, located off the coast of West Africa. The new line includes:

  • 85% Dark Chocolate with Refreshing Lemon
  • 85% Dark Chocolate with Turmeric and Ginger
  • 85% Dark Chocolate with Blueberry and Popped Quinoa
  • 85% Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Nibs

S.R.P. (2.8 oz.): $4.59


Fasttrak Foods, LLC

Indio, Calif. / / (760) 342-2200

Sweets & Snacks Products

Tapatío Duros

From the classic hot sauce brand Tapatío, these wheel-shaped gluten-free snacks are available in two flavors: Original Picante and Limon & Picante.

S.R.P. (4.5 oz.): $2.99 - $3.49


Tapatío Popcorn

From the classic hot sauce brand, Tapatío Popcorn is available in two flavors: Original Picante and Limon & Picante.

S.R.P. (7 oz.): $2.99 - $3.49


Ferrara Candy Co.

Oakbrook Terrace, Ill. /

(630) 581-3000

Sweets & Snacks Products

Black Forest Juicy gummies

Black Forest is launching new gummies using proprietary technology that delivers the juiciest experience yet. They are available in variety of shapes and flavors inspired by the forest, including Juicy Bears (Classic flavors), Juicy Bunnies (Berry flavors) and Juicy Paws (Tropical flavors), all of which have a juicy burst center.

S.R.P.: 1.5 oz., $0.89; 4 oz., $1.49; 6 oz., $1.79; 8 oz., $2.39

Sweets & Snacks Products

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes

Building on the sweet-and-tart ropes platform, SweeTARTS has partnered with “Wonder Woman 84” to launch Golden SweeTARTS Ropes in Tropical flavors. The product is styled after Wonder Woman’s golden lasso and offers a delicious, shareable treat. SweeTARTS Golden Ropes is available in June 2020.

S.R.P.: 3.5 oz., $1.49; 5 oz., $1.99


Ford Gum & Machine Co.

Akron, N.Y. / (847) 975-0003

Sweets & Snacks Products

Jelly Belly sugar-free gum

Now the flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in a long-lasting sugar-free gum that the whole family will enjoy. The tablet gum comes in a 12-ct. blister pack and is available in Berry Blue, Very Cherry, Island Punch and Watermelon flavors.

S.R.P.: $1.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Big League Chew Softball Pouch

Big League Chew has added a new member to its iconic bubble gum roster with a softball player-inspired shredded bubble gum pouch. The new character is featured on the top-selling flavor Outta Here Original.

S.R.P. (2.12 oz.): $1.49.

Sweets & Snacks Products

Big League Chew Double Size Pouch

This pouch has as much gum as two regular pouches of Big League Chew and features a resealable stand-up gusseted pouch design. It will be available in two of Big League Chew’s most popular flavors, Outta Here Original and Big Rally Blue Raspberry.

S.R.P. (4.24 oz.): $2.99


free2b Foods

Boulder, Colo. / (303) 253-7870

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sun Cups Minis

Featuring the same delicious recipe and ingredients as free2b’s sunflower seed butter cups, these snackable minis come in a resealable bag.

S.R.P. (4.2 oz.): $4.99


Genesee Candy Land

Golden, Colo. / (303) 526-3073

Sweets & Snacks Products

OINKS Chocolate-Covered Bacon Strips

Crispy, extra thick-cut full slices of premium applewood-smoked bacon are enrobed with a thick layer of dark chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate. As the signature product of the newly launched OINKS brand, this delightfully delicious delectable stands out.

S.R.P. (0.6-oz. strip): $2.49-$2.99


OINKS Chocolate Bacon Truffles

Applewood-smoked bacon bits are coated in dark chocolate. One bite produces a surprising explosion of bacon flavor in this twist on the beloved classic.

S.R.P. (1.5 oz.): $5.99


Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Fenton, Mich. / (810) 750-9779

Sweets & Snacks Products

Black Jack, Beemans and Clove chewing gum

After acquiring this classic chewing gum brands from Mondelez International, Gerrit J. Verburg is excited to present them to Sweets & Snacks Expo attendees. Anise-flavored Black Jack gum was first launched in 1884, and pepsin-flavored Beemans gum and Clove gum were also launched in the late 19th century.

S.R.P. (5-stick pack): $0.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Gerrit’s Stroopwafels

This Dutch delicacy – which translates as “syrup waffle” – features a decadent caramel syrup filling sandwiched between two thin cookies baked with a three-dimensional waffle pattern.

S.R.P.: 1.29-2.82 oz., $4.99-5.99; 14.1-oz. standup, $5.99-6.99


G.H. Cretors

Richfield, Ohio / (847) 263-7000

Sweets & Snacks Products

Peanut Butter Lovers Mix

The Peanut Butter Lovers Mix is a combination of hand-crafted peanut butter caramel blended with sweet-and-salty kettle corn. Certified gluten-free, it’s made with natural peanut butter and no added artificial colors or flavors.

S.R.P. (6.5 oz.): $3.79


Haribo of America

Rosemont, Ill. / (847) 260-0580

Sweets & Snacks Products

Haribo Watermelon

This triple-layer foam gummy leverages special technology to deliver a unique shape and texture. Each watermelon wedge includes traditional gummy and two layers of foam gummy, giving the product a soft and sweet chew.

S.R.P. (4.1 oz.): $1.39


The Hershey Co.

Hershey, Pa. / (800) 468-1714

Sweets & Snacks Products

Reese’s Take5 Bars

Reese’s is taking over Take5! It’s the perfect combination of five key ingredients: chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, peanuts and pretzels. They’ll be available nationwide late summer 2019.

S.R.P.: $0.99-$4.09

Reese’s Thins

Reese’s Thins are 40 percent thinner, offering another way to enjoy the same Reese’s fans know and love. Reese’s Thins come wrapped individually for portability and are available in both milk and dark chocolate.

S.R.P.: 3.1 oz., $2.49; 7.37 oz., $4.09

Sweets & Snacks Products

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Emoji Bars

These new bars will feature 25 different connection emojis with six new emoji packaging designs. They’ll become available nationwide in July 2019 for a limited time.

S.R.P.: 1.55-oz. Bar, $0.99; 2.25-oz. five-pack, $1.06; 9.45-oz., $4.09


Jel Sert Co.

West Chicago, Ill. / (800) 323-2592

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sonic Drive-In Freezer Bars

A delicious treat for the entire family to enjoy, these 1.5-oz. freezer bars come in a “slush” texture. Flavors include Ocean Water and Cherry Limeade.

S.R.P. (20-ct.): $2

Sonic Dessert Mixes

Four new varieties are being added to the Sonic Dessert Mix program: Vanilla Shake Instant Pudding Mix, Banana Shake Instant Pudding Mix, Green Apple Gelatin Mix and Watermelon Gelatin Mix. These join Cherry Limeade Gelatin Mix, Ocean Water Gelatin Mix, Strawberry Shake Instant Pudding Mix, and Chocolate Shake Instant Pudding Mix.

S.R.P.: $1.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Pure Kick energy drinks

Pure Kick offers B vitamins, caffeine and is made without sugar. Available in a powder stick, flavors include Blood Orange, Black Cherry Pomegranate and Mango Açaí.

S.R.P. (10-ct. pack): $2

Sweets & Snacks Products

Dad’s Root Beer Drink Mixes

Launching in the third quarter of 2019, these drink mixes deliver on the iconic flavors of Dad’s. They’re available in Root Beer and Cream Soda.

S.R.P.: N/A


Sunkist Powdered Drink Mixes

The Sunkist Vitamin C powdered drink mixes offer 1,000 milligrams of Vitamin C per serving and come in three sugar-free flavors: Orange Peach Mango, Orange Pineapple and Tangerine Lemonade. The Sunkist Soda Mixes are available in a single-serve stick for water. They come in six flavors: Orange, Strawberry, Grape, Pineapple, Lemon Lime and Red Punch.

S.R.P.: Vitamin C mix, $2; Soda Mix, $1


JJ’s Sweets

Boulder, Colo. / (303) 800-6492

Sweets & Snacks Products

Coconut Sugar Cocomels

Coconut Sugar Cocomels feature rich caramel flavor with molasses-like overtones. They are free of cane sugar, grain, dairy and soy. Made with coconut milk and non-GMO ingredients, Cocomels are also vegan, USDA organic and gluten free.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $4.99


Kenny’s Candy & Confections

Perham, Minn. / (218) 346-2340

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sweet Chaos

Sweet Chaos is made with Non-GMO, gluten-free popcorn, real cane sugar and sea salt. Available in Chocolatey Double Drizzle, Peanut Butter Cup and Cold Stone Cake Batter flavors,  it has no artificial colors or flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. Sweet Chaos is popped in coconut oil in small batch kettles.

S.R.P.: $1.49-$3.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Wiley Wallaby Funsorts

Funsorts is filled, soft and chewy candy bursting with fruity goodness in every bite. With an assortment of flavors, shapes and textures, Funsorts will keep tastebuds guessing with every bite. It’s made with sustainable palm oil and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$3.99


Kookaburra Licorice Co.

Monroe, Wash. / (360) 805-6858

Sweets & Snacks Products

Licorice Sours

These fruit-flavored candy tubes encase a fondant center and are topped off with a sour dusting. They’re available in three varieties: Sour Apple, Sour Peach and Assorted Sours (a mix of Sour Apple, Sour Lemon, Sour Peach and Sour Raspberry).

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $2.59


Kopper’s Chocolate

Jersey City, N.J. / (212) 243-0220

Sweets & Snacks Products

On The Rocks Chocolate

Handcrafted with FairTrade cocoa, each 64% dark chocolate cordial is inspired by a favorite adult beverage but contains no alcohol. Available in four flavors, the first bite reveals a liquid center sure to please.

  • Moscow Mule Cordials: Rolled in a spicy mix of sugar, ginger and mint and featuring a vodka-flavored center.
  • Cold Brew Cordials: Rolled with crushed espresso beans and featuring a cold-brew coffee-flavored center.
  • Barrel-Aged Bourbon Cordials: Dusted with rich cocoa and featuring a barrel-aged bourbon flavored center.
  • Strawberry Margarita Cordials: Lime-infused dark chocolate cordials dusted with strawberry lime and featuring a tequila-flavored center

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.79


Lara’s Bake Shop

Howard Beach, N.Y. / (718) 738-2134

Sweets & Snacks Products

Boutique Cookie Boxes

This specialty box comes with the following flavors: Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate Chip, Almond Chocolate Chip, Salted Peanut Caramel and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip. These Kof-K Kosher-certified, golden-brown cookies are baked thin, offering a range of flavors and home-baked goodness.

S.R.P. (7 oz.): $4.99


Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Hackettstown, N.J. / (312) 995-7427

Sweets & Snacks Products

Hazelnut Spread M&M’S

Launching in April 2019, these candies feature a creamy hazelnut center covered by delicious milk chocolate and wrapped in the brand’s signature colorful candy shell. They’re available in 1.35-oz. single packs, 2.35-oz. share size and 8.3-oz. standup pouches.

S.R.P. (2.53 oz.): $1.59


M&M’S Bars

M&M’S Bars consist of smooth milk chocolate and M&M’S Minis in a moulded tablet bar. Chocolate lovers should try all five varieties: Peanut (3.9 oz.), Milk Chocolate (4 oz.), Crispy (3.8 oz.), Almond (3.9 oz.), and Crispy Mint (3.8 oz.).

S.R.P.: $1.85

Sweets & Snacks Products

Extra Refreshers

Featuring a soft chew, this gum is available in three flavors: Spearmint, Polar Ice and Tropical Mist.

S.R.P.: 40-ct. bottle, $3.49; 120-ct. pouch, $7.69


Morinaga America

Irvine, Calif. /  (949) 732-1155

Sweets & Snacks Products

HI-CHEW Superfruit Mix

HI-CHEW’s Superfruit mix features Açaí, Kiwi, and a delicious new addition: Dragon Fruit, winner of the 2018 East Meets West Flavor Challenge. Dragon Fruit delivers juiciness and real fruit flavor, with each piece showcasing the real fruit’s bright pink outer color and seeded white center. The Açaí piece’s rich purple hue mimics the açaí berry, which is high in antioxidants. Kiwi offers the refreshing taste of the ripe fruit with real kiwi seed texture.

S.R.P. (3.17 oz.): $2.39


HI-CHEW Sweet & Sour Mix

Including fan-favorite flavors Grapefruit SOURS and Lemon SOURS, this mix welcomes Watermelon to the brand’s U.S. portfolio. HI-CHEW  Watermelon offers a mouthwatering, juicy flavor reminiscent of sunny days spent enjoying refreshing slices of the fruit.

S.R.P. (3.17 oz.): $2.39

Sweets & Snacks Products

HI-CHEW Core Stick

The 10-piece HI-CHEW stick pack now has a brand-new look. Each stick features a pop of color with vibrant fruit for a burst of flavor, both inside and out. Flavors include Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi and Açaí.

S.R.P.: $1.39


HI-CHEW Tropical Mix Standup Pouch

This assortment now comes in a 12.7-oz. standup pouch for more variety of flavors, including fan-favorites Mango, Kiwi, Pineapple and brand-new Dragon Fruit.

S.R.P.: $5.99


Mount Franklin Foods

El Paso, Texas / (800) 351-8178

Sweets & Snacks Products

Brewhouse Legends

Inspired by the innovation of craft brewers who develop flavors with a twist from the ordinary, Brewhouse Legends are available in three flavors:

  • Hops and Pepper Snack Nut Mix: A unique blend of peanuts, rice crackers, pretzels and sesame sticks, with the essence of barley and hops.
  • Hoppin’ Chili Snack Nut Mix: A spicy kick of chili pepper crafted with peanuts, honey sesame chips, chick peas and corn nuts.
  • Michelada Snack Nut Mix: A tangy tomato flavor blended with rice crackers, corn nuts, hot Cajun sticks, peanuts and praline pepitas.

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $2.99


Newfangled Confections

Indianapolis, Ind. / (317) 721-5525

Sweets & Snacks Products

Frittle Candy

Building off the success of Classic Peanut, the fudge-like brittle candy is now available in Sesame and Coconut, as well as in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate-covered varieties.

S.R.P. (3-3.5 oz.): $3.99



Kennebunk, Maine / (844) 642-6671

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic Dark Snacking Chocolate

NibMor snacking chocolate is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and Fair Trade certified. Available in Dark Chocolate Extreme, Dark Chocolate, Tart Cherry, Wild Blueberry, Sea Salt Crunch and Peppermint varieties, this snacking chocolate offers guilt-free enjoyment in a resealable pouch. Each piece has 3-4 grams of sugar, and there are 120-130 calories per serving.

S.R.P. (3.26 oz.-3.55 oz.): $5.99


Nomba Enterprises, Inc.

Walnut, Calif. / (510) 561-4840

Sweets & Snacks Products

Nomba Vegan Gummies

These 100 percent vegan gummies are available in bold, tropical flavors: Tamarind, Mango and Guava — each with a spicy kick.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $2.29


OCHO Candy

Oakland, Calif. / (510) 612-0328

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic PB&J Candy Bar

Made with FairTrade milk chocolate, the latest addition to the OCHO family is sure to bring candy lovers back to their childhoods. A layer of peanut butter is topped with a ruby layer of raspberry filling.

S.R.P. (1.45 oz.): $1.99


ONE Brands

Charlotte, N.C. / (213) 988-8344

Sweets & Snacks Products

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Bar

Rich, dark chocolate and a hint of salt add sophistication to this protein bar, which contains 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar. It’s also gluten-free.

S.R.P. (12-ct. box): $24.99


Peanut Butter Cup Bar

The Peanut Butter Cup protein bar is everything consumers love about this classic combination in one guilt-free snack bar. With 20 grams of protein and just 1 gram of sugar, it’s made to power workouts, mornings and all-day meetings.

S.R.P. (12-ct. box): $24.99


Pop Art

Salt Lake City, Utah / (801) 983-7470

Sweets & Snacks Products

Pop Art Popcorn

Flavored with Hawaiian sea salt and avocado oil, this popcorn is non-GMO, gluten-free, kosher and certified Whole Grain.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $3.99


Praim Group

Salem, Mass. / (800) 970-9646

Sweets & Snacks Products

Dana-Farber/Jimmy Fund Chocolate Bars

Praim Group, in conjunction with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, introduces eight 3.5-oz. chocolate bars in milk and dark varieties. The bars represent New England including Boston Garden bridge, Adirondack chair, Jimmy Fund Clinic patient handprint wreath, New England Patriots and the Fenway Park Green Monster outfield wall. Each bar purchased supports pediatric and adult cancer care and research.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $5



Praim Group has reintroduced its Bochox chocolate bar, now available in a paper overlay. The message, designed to look like directions on a medical prescription, says consumers won’t worry about their wrinkles while enjoying the 55% dark chocolate.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $4.95

Sweets & Snacks Products

Girth Control

This best-selling chocolate bar is now available in a paper overlay. The dark chocolate bar is 55% cocoa, kosher and all natural.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): N/A


Keep Calm Hanukkah Bar

Praim Group expands its Hanukkah chocolate bar options with the Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate bar. Made with 34% milk chocolate, it’s also kosher.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $4.99


The PUR Company Inc.

Toronto, Canada / (416) 941-7557

Sweets & Snacks Products

PUR Popcorn

Available in Sea Salt and Sweet & Salty varieties, PUR Popcorn is non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free of MSG, gluten and nuts.

S.R.P.: Sea Salt 20-gram, $1.29; 120-gram, $3.99


Quality Candy Co.

Henderson, Nev. / (702) 565-4711

Sweets & Snacks Products

Sonic Slush Pops

These lollipops take Sonic’s slushies to a new level. Available flavors include Cherry Limeade, Watermelon Slush, Strawberry Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Slush, Root Beer Float and Peppermint.

S.R.P.: 2 for $1


Better4U Lollipops

These sugar-free lollipops are organic, non-GMO, vegan and free of allergens and artificial colors and flavors. They’re available in four flavors: Blueberry Lemon, Fuji Apple, Orange and Mixed Berry.

S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99


Radz Brands

Des Moines, Iowa / (515) 698-5955

Sweets & Snacks Products

PAW Patrol Radz

Radz has launched a line of licensed PAW Patrol Radz candy dispensers, featuring the four plucky pups from the show: Chase, Marshall, Skye and a secret pup. Each Radz dispenser comes with 0.7 oz. of fruity, gluten- and peanut-free candy and a mini character poster.

S.R.P.: $3.99 - $4.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Pikmi Pops Radz Twistz

Join Smorey the Dog, Ollie the Bear, Pichi the Dog, Dream the Unicorn and Gizmit the Guinea Pig in their search for surprises and sweetness. Packed in blind bags, this collection of Radz Twistz characters come with gluten-free and peanut-free candy in Pikmi Pink Bubble Gum, Sweetberry Burst, Candy Apple Charm and Surprising Strawberry flavors. To operate, twist the characters top, remove and fill with candy. All Twistz character’s tops are interchangeable.

S.R.P. (0.7 oz.): $2.49 - $3.49

Sweets & Snacks Products

Unicorn Radz Foamz

Available in four enchanted Unicorn characters — Rainbow Shine, Princess Twilight, Starlight Sparkle and a mystery Unicorn — each Foamz character comes with a 0.7-oz. pack of candy in Unicorn-inspired flavors, a colorful poster and collectors’ booklet. To operate these squishable dispensers, pull the bottom tab and fill with candy.

S.R.P.: $3.99 - $4.99


Shrooms Snacks

Kennett Square, Pa. / (610) 444-4800

Sweets & Snacks Products

Shrooms Splits

Shrooms Splits pair marinated portabella mushroom jerky with other jerky varieties, including Turkey, Berries, Filet Mignon and Peppered Beef, which is made from grass-fed, USA-bred beef. Shrooms Splits are low in fat, a good source of protein and minimally processed. All varieties are dairy-free, nut-free and non-GMO.

S.R.P. (2.5 oz.): $7.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Shrooms Crispy Mushroom Snacks

These crispy-crunchy snacks made from fresh, thick-cut mushrooms. They’re available in five flavors: Sea Salt, Spicy Jalapeno, Mesquite Barbeque, Pizza and Original Portabella. They’re minimally processed, vegan, non-GMO, kosher and free of gluten, nuts and soy.

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $5.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Shrooms Mushroom Jerky

Made from shiitake and portabella mushroom caps, this jerky is deep-marinated a full day to produce three robust flavors: Honey Chipotle Shiitake, Roasted Teriyaki Portabella and Original Portabella.

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $6.99

Sweets & Snacks Products

Shrooms Snack Bar

This allergy-friendly bar is made from simple, wholesome ingredients. Flavors include Crispy Mushroom Chocolate Chunk and Crispy Mushroom Sweet & Savory. Shrooms Snack Bars are non-GMO, kosher, vegan and free of gluten, nut, dairy and soy.

S.R.P.: 1.4 oz. bar, $1.99; 4-pack, $7.96


Simply Gum

New York, N.Y. /  (917) 721-8032

Sweets & Snacks Products

Cleanse gum

Featuring tangy citrus with a hint of spice, Cleanse gum offers grapefruit, prickly pear, cayenne, and sea salt flavors in a refreshingly unique combination. Made with natural chicle base, the gum is non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free of aspartame, xylitol, dairy, gluten, nuts and soy.

S.R.P. (15 pieces): $2.99


Boost gum

Lemongrass, turmeric and cayenne offer a burst of flavor. Made with natural chicle base, the gum is non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free of aspartame, xylitol, dairy, gluten, nuts and soy.

S.R.P. (15 pieces): $2.99


Spearmint Gum

This Spearmint gum is minty and subtly sweet. Made with natural chicle base, the gum is non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free of aspartame, xylitol, gluten, nuts and soy.

S.R.P. (15 pieces): $2.99



Vancouver, Canada / (303) 378-3729

Sweets & Snacks Products

Gummy Bears

Available in Sour and Fruity varieties, these gummy bears are gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no added sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. With only 90 calories per bag, these gummy bears contain just 3 grams of sugar.

S.R.P. (1.8 oz.): $3.29


Sour Blast Buddies

These friend-shaped gummies are gluten-free, non-GMO and contain no added sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. With only 90 calories per bag, they contain just 3 grams of sugar.

S.R.P. (1.8 oz.): $3.29


Sweet Fish

These berry-flavored gummy fish are luten-free, non-GMO and contain no added sugar, sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners. With only 90 calories per bag, they contain just 3 grams of sugar.

S.R.P. (1.8 oz.): $3.29



Sonoma, Calif. / (213) 225-4414

Sweets & Snacks Products

Toasted Vanilla

Toasted Vanilla delivers a unique spin on a traditional flavor profile, one that is reminiscent of marshmallows roasted to perfection over a campfire. These non-GMO marshmallows are made with organic cane sugar and have 80 calories per serving.

S.R.P. (4.5 oz.): $4


Snowflakes Candy

Clayton, Calif. / (855) 966-7669

Sweets & Snacks Products


SNØ hard candy and mints use a natural sweetener extracted from the bark of birch trees. The products are Non-GMO Project Verified and certified as gluten free, paleo friendly, keto, vegan and OU Kosher. They’re available in 10 flavors including Peppermint, Wintergreen, Lemon, Strawberry, Watermelon, Spearmint, Black Cherry, Cinnamon, Blue Raspberry and Tropical mix.

S.R.P. (1.5 oz.): $3.99


Spokandy Chocolatier

Spokane, Wash. / (509) 624-1969

Sweets & Snacks Products

Chocolate & Green Mints

Spokandy has taken its famous green pastel mint and layered it with milk chocolate flavored with pure peppermint. Packed as individually-wrapped pieces, they’re also available with a white coating.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $5.75


Taste of Nature

Santa Monica, Calif. / (310) 396-4433

Sweets & Snacks Products

Doughlish Triple Chocolate Brownie

Building on the popularity of unbaked cookie dough as a treat, Doughlish is raw, shelf-stable and made without eggs. Packaged in a 2.25-oz. container with a spoon in the lid, Doughlish cookie dough has a nine-month shelf life and doesn’t require refrigeration. It’s also available in Chocolate Chip and Snickerdoodle varieties.

S.R.P. (2.25 oz.): $1.99



Philadelphia, Pa. / (866) 245-8921

Sweets & Snacks Products

Scoop Shop Cookies & Creme Mini Donuts

These doughnuts blend one of the brand’s top-selling product types with a proven favorite ice cream flavor, coating Tastykake’s classic chocolate mini donuts in melt-in-your-mouth cookies and creme crumble.

S.R.P. (9.5 oz.): $2.99


That’s it.

Los Angeles, Calif. / (213) 214-1505

Sweets & Snacks Products

Dark Chocolate Fig Truffles

At 110 calories per serving, the Dark Chocolate Fig Truffles are the perfect way to indulge cravings without the guilt! Made from from figs, unsweetened chocolate, organic sugar and cocoa butter, these truffles are simply delicious. They’re also certified as paleo friendly and gluten-free.

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $5.49


The Crispery

Portsmouth, Va. / (757) 673-5234

Sweets & Snacks Products


Gourmet marshmallow rice CRISPYCAKES are handmade with an 11-month shelf life. Always soft and gooey, never hard and sticky, they’re an indulgence available in more than 50 different flavors and toppings.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $4.50


Van Holten’s

Waterloo, Wis. / (920) 478-2144

Sweets & Snacks Products

Tapatío Pickle-in-a-Pouch

Van Holten’s and Tapatío have teamed up to combine the pickle-in-a-pouch with hot sauce flavoring. It is sure to bring the heat and unique flavoring every fan will love.

S.R.P.: $1.29


Wholesome Sweeteners

Sugar Land, Texas / (800) 680-1896

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic Brittle Thins

Wholesome Organic Brittle Thins are delightfully crispy, crunchy snacks made with recognizable organic ingredients to create a mindfully delicious taste sensation. There are three varieties available: Caramel Almond, Roasted Honey Nut, Dark Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $3.99-$4.49



Stamford, Conn. / (224) 880-1109

Sweets & Snacks Products

Organic Mini Candy Canes

YumEarth is introducing the first organic, allergen-friendly mini candy canes. These individually-wrapped candy canes are great as stocking stuffers and the candy dish. They’re USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free of gluten, dairy, soy and nuts.

S.R.P. (30-ct.): $6.99