Cargill launched chocolate brand Veliche Gourmet in the Netherlands at Horecava 2019, hosted this week in Amsterdam.
The Belgian chocolate brand touts its flavor complexity and workability, making it suitable for a variety of pastry and confectionery applications. The product range, featuring chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter, is Rainforest Alliance certified and 100 percent sustainable.
Cargill noted Veliche Gourmet crop researchers travel more than 500,00 kilometers a year through cocoa-growing regions to find high quality cocoa beans. The company closely with farmer cooperatives and are in direct contact with small local cocoa farmers. 
Cocoa beans are also analyzed three times on the trip from the cocoa origin to Belgium, where Veliche Gourmet is produced.
“Delivering quality to artisans and chefs begins with an extensive presence in origin countries,” Cargill’s website reads. “Every step of the journey, from sourcing the best beans to producing exquisite Belgian chocolate, is overseen by a team of experts.”