The winner of the SweeTARTS, “Search for the Next Gummy Shape” contest — which invited fans to submit their favorite shape ideas for a chance to win a year’s supply of SweeTARTS Gummies — is the cellphone.

After filtering through more than 3,000 contest entries, SweeTARTS finally selected the next gummy shape to appear in future bags of SweeTARTS Gummies nationwide.

Submitted by Crystal May of Philadelphia, PA, who won a year’s supply of SweeTARTS Gummies (the equivalent of 52 bags of SweeTARTS Gummies), the cellphone is an integral part of our everyday lives and “is a must-have item, just like the new SweeTARTS Gummies,” she says.

The winning shape was selected based on the following judging criteria: level of creativity and originality, quality of the submission, and relevance to the contest theme of sharing your passions.

“We were amazed by the amount of submissions, as well as the range of original ideas, that our fans brought to the table, such as the tub of popcorn and hockey stick,” says Benjamin Jones, SweeTARTS marketing associate. “At SweeTARTS, we believe in celebrating those who follow their many passions and live creatively, and it’s exciting to know that so many of our fans are doing just that. We look forward to bringing our winning gummy shape to life.”

SweeTARTS Gummies feature an endless variety of fun shapes, including a turntable, VR headset and rocket ship, and are available in both sweet and sour fruity flavors including cherry, green apple, orange, lemon and blue punch. The new cellphone gummy shape will go into production later this year.

The new SweeTARTS Gummies and Sour Gummies can be found at retailers nationwide and are available in 4-oz. Share Pack ($1.69 SRP), 5.25-oz. Medium Peg ($1.99 SRP) and 10-oz. Stand Up Bag ($2.89 SRP).