Esthechoc, dark chocolate designed to slow the aging process, has been endorsed by Jennifer Berman, a urologist, sexual health expert and author appearing on the television show “The Doctors.”
The result of a decade of research by Cambridge University-educated scientists, esthechoc is said to aid circulation and boost blood oxygenation. Clinical trials have been based on individuals consuming a single, 7.5-gram piece of the 72.6 percent chocolate per day. Its key ingredients, astaxanthin and powerful polyphenols from cocoa, help support skin health and structure from within the body. 
Results showed “statistically significant” improvement in biomarkers tied to overall skin health after 21 days of daily use. While some subjects reported results within a few weeks, some daily esthechoc users reported visible improvements in their skin after three to four months of continual use.
Esthechoc caught Berman’s attention, who reportedly appreciates the brand’s “beauty from within” mission. It’s a message she often conveys to her audience, making esthechoc an ideal fit for her personal brand.
“The health impacts of esthechoc go far beyond the benefits of smoother, younger-looking skin,” Berman said. “A powerful anti-inflammatory called astaxanthin works in conjunction with esthechoc’s concentrated cocoa polyphenols to improve circulation and blood oxygen levels, creating much broader implications for overall health and wellbeing. I’m convinced that esthechoc provides a host of benefits in addition to making you look and feel your best.”
Rob Isinger, ceo of Cambridge Chocolate Technologies, marketer of esthechoc in the United States, said he was pleased to have Berman’s endorsement.
“We’re thrilled that she loves and uses esthechoc personally, and look forward to working with her in spreading the word that when it comes to optimal skin care; real improvements ultimately happen from within,” he said.