Smarties Candy Co. has three new co-presidents.
Jessica Dee Sawyer, Sarah Dee and Liz Dee, who most recently served their family’s business as executive vice presidents, are succeeding Jonathan Dee, Sarah’s father and Jessica and Liz’s uncle.
As the third-generation of Smarties Candy Co., the three women have served the company for more than a decade. They have spearheaded improvements to infrastructure, investing in solar energy, innovating new products and pack types, creating a strong digital presence and ensuring the highest food quality and safety standards.
“It has been a honor to serve the family business for four decades, and I couldn’t be more proud to hand the reins over to the next generation,” Jonathan Dee said. “Sarah, Jessica and Liz bring a myriad of skill sets and talents that will uniquely contribute to the success of Smarties Candy Co.”
As co-presidents, Jessica, Sarah and Liz will focus their efforts on modernizing systems and processes. They plan to invest in infrastructure in Smarties’ factories in Union, N.J., and Newmarket, Ontario.
Edward “Eddie” Dee, the trio’s grandfather, launched Smarties Candy Co. — then known as Ce De Candy Inc. — in 1949. The company’s first factory opened in Bloomfield, N.J. that year. A decade later, the company to Elizabeth, N.J., and finally to Union in 1967. The company was renamed Smarties Candy Co. in 2011.
Smarties, the company’s namesake treat, are made 24 hours a day in Union and Newmarket. The company produces billions of Smarties rolls each year.