John L. Asher Jr., co-chairman of Souderton, Pa.-based Asher’s Chocolate Co., will retire after nearly 50 years at the company’s helm.
John Jr. — known as Jack to friends and employees — took over Asher’s with his brother, Bob, after their father passed away in 1968. Through years of hard work, they restored the then-financially struggling company to its respected place in the confectionery industry.
Jack handled production while Bob oversaw sales and finance. Through devotion to quality and customer service, the company flourished. Today it is run by Jeffrey Asher, the family’s fourth generation.
“Jack is a respected member of the candy industry, known for his hard work ethic,” Bob said.  “Without him we would not be celebrating our 125th anniversary this year as a family-owned business.”
Founded in 1892 by Chester A. Asher, Asher’s Chocolate Co. produces a variety of chocolate items, including award-winning chocolate-covered pretzels. Asher’s also has a line of sugar-free and low-sodium chocolates.