The Conseil Café-Cacao, an agency for the regulation, stabilization, and development of the cocoa network in Côte d'Ivoire, has signed a major public-private partnership with Cémoi to promote the cocoa industry and support its Transparence Cacao initiative.

The partnership brings Transparence Cacao into the national development program for the coffee and cocoa network, called "Quantity Quality Grow" (2QC). The main goal is to render the industry prosperous and sustainable for all players involved.

This goal falls in line with that of Transparence Cacao, which aims to improve the living standards of cocoa producers while monitoring the chocolate production process to ensure traceability.

Under the partnership, the Conseil Café-Cacao will co-finance the Transparence Cacao program with €3.5 million ($3.95 million) over five years, which will go toward funding the environment and entrepreneurship aspects of the program.

By formalizing the partnership, Conseil Café-Cacao hopes to help maintain Côte d'Ivoire's position as the leading global producer of cocoa. It seeks to develop a sustainable cocoa and coffee economy by improving productivity, securing income by establishing a guaranteed minimum price, improvement of internal and external consumption, and establishing strong inter-branch organization.