The P in PMCA now has a new meaning. The organization has officially become the Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association. Before, the P had stood for Pennsylvania.

“After more than a decade of contemplating a name change, PMCA’s board of directors decided to take a page from the Nike playbook and said, “Let’s stop talking about it — let’s just do it!” With that, after more than a century of the "'P' in PMCA standing for Pennsylvania, it now stands for Professional,” says Yvette Thomas, the organization’s administrative director.

The organization says it is still, “deservedly proud of its Pennsylvanian roots but it has grown to include member companies from almost every state in the USA as well as from overseas.”

Thus, PMCA has indeed become an international community of professionals learning, connecting and growing together for the benefit of the entire confectionery industry.

“The renewed and refreshed PMCA brand represents the association’s continued commitment to delivering programs that meet the needs of today’s confectionery companies while at the same time leveraging the growing opportunities for technically enhanced learning environments,” Thomas says.

PMCA is an international non-profit trade association of confectionery manufacturers and companies in related industries that was founded in 1907.

The organization’s three-fold mission is to promote the long-term success of the confectionery industry by:

●     Providing interactive forums for the open exchange of information

●     Promoting and directing basic and applied scientific research

●     Educating and training current and future confectionery technical and manufacturing personnel