After winning a battle against breast cancer, a mother from Scotch Plains, N.J., is leaving her mark on the world with a product that helps counteract the unsavory side effects of chemotherapy.

Samantha Kowalczyk, a holistic health coach and cook from New Jersey, developed Soothease to help eliminate the metallic taste that results from cancer treatments.

Available in candy and lollipop forms, the candy comes in Honey Lavender, Chocolate Brown Rice, and Orange Barley flavors. They're made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients including brown rice syrup, cocoa, chamomile, orange extract, honey, calendula, barley malt, aloe water, lavender, and dandelion root.

It took six months of trial and error, but Kowalczyk managed to come up with the organic, all-natural candy that soothes the mouth and tastes great.

"When I went through chemo, everything tasted awful," She says. "I thought there has to be something to make this better. I started experimenting in the kitchen and found various ingredients, which aided in soothing my mouth and helped my food taste better."

The honey and barley coats the tongue and helps patients taste food better within half an hour, she says. And after giving out samples to people going through chemo, Kowalczyk got great reactions.

"I was leaving them in my mailbox for people to take. I added another flavor and decided, 'Let's do this.' It wasn't a money thing at all, I realized I could help people," she says. "It was a personal problem and I came up with a solution. It's just one small way to make a large problem a little better."

Now, more than a year into her endeavor and many customers later, she's also looking to incorporate Soothease into pediatric oncology and other therapeutic areas. According to Kowalczyk, her candy not only helps with chemo, but is also great for children and pregnant women.