The most expensive chocolates in the world are in Kazakhstan.

The Ross Ltd. has produced chocolate collections inspired by Vivien Leigh, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn.

The sets contain six pieces of chocolate housed in a sphere of pure volcanic glass. Each piece of chocolate symbolizes the natural elements and are all crafted in the shape of platonic solids — that is, in the shape of polyhedrons with faces that are all congruent regular polygons, where the same number of faces meet at every vertex.

Each shape represents a different element. The tetrahedron stands for fire, the octahedron for air, the cube for earth, the icosahedron for water, the dodecahedron for ether, and the scope for vacuum.

The pieces of chocolate are encrusted with gold of the 585th test, and each set has a market value of $14,000.

Every client will earn a star on The Ross Ltd. website and have a unique number. Only 1,000 copies will be sold of each collection and none of them will be repeated.

"These three superstars throughout their lives showed us an example of creating an absolute beauty. This is our value, and that is why we dedicate our gifts for them," says Adilkhan Sartayev, founder. "The whole scheme of our brand is designed in accordance with the 'divine proportion,' the golden section. Great artists and the creators of history have used the ratio of the 'golden section.' Every detail is absolutely essential for us, as we want to make the best chocolate in the world."