Gratify Gluten-Free snacks
Osem USA, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
(800) 200-6736

Gratify offers a full line of certified gluten-free snacks in flavors and shapes designed to satisfy.  The company offers a wide variety of pretzels — from twists to sticks to thins — that are also dairy- and egg-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. The chocolate- and yogurt-coated pretzels are just the right combination of sweet and salty. The flavors and textures are so delicious and authentic, you’ll be surprised to know they are gluten-free.

The line up includes:

Sea Salt Thins: Each Thin is dusted with sea salt and makes a yummy platform for cheeses, spreads and dips. S.R.P.: (6-oz. bag) $3.99; (10.5-oz. bag) $5.99

Sesame Thins: Same crunch that opens the door to adventure with real sesame seeds and supreme flavor. S.R.P.: (6-oz. bag) $3.99; (10.5-oz. bag) $5.99

Everything Thins: These thin pretzels are dusted with garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and sea salt to create a delicious flavor reminiscent of an everything bagel. S.R.P.: (10.5-oz. bag) $5.99

Sea Salt Twists: These braided pretzels are dusted with pure sea salt and baked to crisp perfection. S.R.P.: (8-oz.-bag) $3.99; (14.1-oz. bag) $5.99

Sea Salt Sticks: Crunchy Sea Salt Sticks lightly dusted with sea salt and perfect for munching by the fistful or dunking in your favorite dip! S.R.P.: (8-oz.-bag) $3.99; (14.1-oz. bag) $5.99

Milk Chocolate Covered Twists: Start with a delicious, crunchy pretzel twist, dip it in a luxurious layer of rich tasting milk chocolate and what do you get? Total gratification. S.R.P.: (5.5-oz. bag) $4.99

Yogurt Covered Twists: A golden baked pretzel twist is covered with creamy yogurt —a perfect combination that’s irresistible. S.R.P.: (5.5-oz. bag) $4.99

Pretzel Crackers: Pretzel? Cracker? Why choose? This snack has the look and taste of a pretzel, but the bite and texture of a cracker. Available in Sea Salt, Buffalo Wing and Tuscan Herb, they go great with any topping or dip. S.R.P.: (4.5-oz. bag) $3.39

Baked Bites: Gluten-free crackers with a sweet and salty crunch. Available in Original, Cinnamon, Everything and Tuscan Herbs, they are great for dipping or snacking right out of the box. S.R.P.: (4.5-oz. bag) $3.39

Ingredients: (Milk Chocolate Covered Twists):Milk chocolate (sugar, milk powder, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), vanilla extract), pretzel(corn starch, palm oil, potato starch, sea salt, sugar, dry yeast, cellulose gum, soy lecithin, leavening (sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid pyrophosphate).

S.R.P.: See above