Blast Power Gum
Blast Energy, LLC, Yorba Linda, Calif.
(815) 459-1990

Blast Power Gum is a high-energy caffeinated chewing gum that promises to keep consumers alert. With 80 mg of caffeine in each piece, it's the equivalent of drinking an entire can of an energy drink.

This gum is a convenient new way to energize consumers without the additional calories or hard crashes that come from sugar-filled products. Blast Power Gum has zero calories and is 100 percent certified vegan. It also contains no sugar or aspartame, and is made with Xylitol.

It comes in three flavors: spearmint, peppermint, and mango.

Gilles David, ceo, Blast Energy LLC., says, "People are frustrated by not having enough energy to get by throughout the day. Our gum offers a portable and great-tasting solution, where the consumer gets the energy boost needed with a single piece of gum — eliminating the need to carry an energy drink in a backpack or cooler. The caffeine in the power gum is effective within four to five minutes, and as it has no sugar, so you don't get a sugar crash. It really is the ideal way to consume energy."

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