Artisan Chocolate Bars
John Kelly Chocolates, Los Angeles
(800) 609-4243

Hollywood chocolatier John Kelly Chocolates has launched new Artisan Chocolate Bars.

Developed with acute attention to detail, the new Artisan Chocolate Bars are beautifully packaged, made with all-natural and Fair Trade ingredients and are carefully hand-crafted to provide the highest quality and most delicious taste.

These bars come in five exceptional flavors including:

●        Dark Chocolate with Fleur de Sel Sea Salt
●        Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds & Pink Himalayan Salt
●        Dark Chocolate Espresso
●        Dark Chocolate with Habanero & Jalapeño Chile
●        Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds & French Grey Sea Salt
●        Milk Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts & Mediterranean Sea Salt

Both the Dark Chocolate (73% Cacao) and Milk Chocolate (41% Cacao) bars are non-GMO, and soy- and gluten-free.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate with Roasted Almonds & Pink Himalayan Salt Artisan Chocolate Bar: A rich, complex combination of cacao varietals that is then blended with 100% pure cacao, resulting in a warming flavor with hints of spice notes. Combined with refreshing Himalayan pink salt and delicious roasted almond bits throughout. 73% Cacao content, all-natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Soy Free and Vegan.

S.R.P.: $7.50