Radz-Shopkins Toy Dispensers and Shopkins Candy
Radz Brands, Portland, Ore.
(503) 227-2226

The world’s first interactive toy, candy, and online experience in one is now available in two new formats:Radz Shopkins and Radz Skate.

Radz-Shopkins Toy Dispensers collection includes four of the most popular Shopkins characters: Snow Crush, Strawberry Kiss, Bubbles, and Lolli Poppins. Each cute Shopkins dispenser comes with a mini character poster and a mouth-watering pack of Radz candy! Dispensers are interactive with interchangeable hair and hats which, when pulled, dispense candy from the character’s tongue. New candy refills are available in: Tropical Freeze (Snow Crush), Bubble Yum (Bubbles), Berry Blast (Strawberry Kiss), and Fruit Swirl (Lolli Poppins).

Meanwhile, the Radz Skate candy dispenser collection is made up of the top skate brands: Santa Cruz, Real, World Industries, Foundation, Spirtfire and many more! The Radz Series One (Grinder Series) collection includes six characters: Spitfire, Turtle Face, Roskopp, Flame Boy, World-At Night, and Monster Face. Series Two is planned to launch in 2016. Each Skate character comes with a candy refill pack and a mini poster featuring iconic skateboard graphics.

Ingredients: Dextrose, glucose (corn syrup), citric acid, calcium stearate, tapioca dextrin, confectioner’s glaze (shellac), carnauba wax, artificial flavors and artificial colors, including fd & c red no.40, fd & c yellow no. 5 (tartrazine), fd & c yellow no. 6, fd & c blue no. 1, titanium dioxide.

 S.R.P.: (Dispenser)$3.99-$4.99; (Candy) $0.99