Is there a sweeter way to celebrate prom than to make your own dress — out of candy wrappers?


For Lakeview High School teen Cristal Garcia, the answer seemed obvious.


Local sweet shop Candyality was already known for their inclination to create masterpiece dresses out of candy wrappers to include in exhibits, art festivals, and corporate events. But they were on a new mission — to find a “super fan” to wear their next candy wrapper creation.


After being chosen, Garcia and the team collaborated on the design and focus of the dress. They decided on a mutual favorite — Skittles Originals. The choice was fitting, as Wm. Wrigley Co., the creators of Skittles, is a Chicago-based company. Garcia’s personal favorite flavor is strawberry.


“I have so many wonderful memories of my time at Lakeview High School. I am looking forward to prom night with my date and friends,” says Garcia. “Wearing a dress made out of Skittles wrappers is the sweetest thing possible! My dress is a work of art; I am thrilled to have been able to collaborate with the Candyality team to create this masterpiece.”


Candyality, established in 2007, has four stores in Chicago. The shop’s team created its first candy wrapper dress in 2010 for a popular Chicago Michigan Avenue fashion event. This has evolved into several retrospective exhibits and commissions to create gowns for art festivals and corporate events.


The company embodies the moniker, “Candy Never Goes Out of Style.”


Garcia, the first-ever fan to showcase a dress, will debut the sweet creation at her prom on May 30th at Navy Pier. After graduation and a summer job, her next big adventure involves being a freshman at Wilber Wright College in Chicago this fall. Another sweet first.