Kickstarter, the place where entrepreneurial projects can find their wings by harvesting the power of the internet, is currently hosting a campaign for a product known as Gumfriend.

The gum and candy dispenser designed for people on-the-go features an innovative thumb-pushed slider which can dispense a variety of popular brands of gum, candy, and mints one at a time.

At $5.50 each, Gumfriend is designed to help people save money by providing a convenient way to carry gum and candy that can be bought in bulk. It also saves on packaging waste and is BPA-free, so it’s environmentally friendly.

Another feature is its hand-off approach to handling gum and candy. Instead of trying to unwrap a mint while driving, for instance, a quick slide of the dispenser can deliver one instead.

Gumfriend comes in blue, pink, yellow, clear, green, and purple with its Limited Edition dispensers, but if the $10,000 goal is surpassed, more colors and prints will be made available.

While widespread interest has already been seen on Facebook with more than 350K views and more than 15,000 likes, shares, and comments, Gumfriend’s Kickstarter campaign is only $1200 into their goal.

Products that can fit in Gumfriend include Eclipse, Dentyne, Trident White, Extra, Orbit, Skittles, M&Ms, Icebreakers mints, and more. It can hold 14 pieces of gum and 24 pieces of mints or small candies at once.

Gumfriend was created by a team of passionate and innovative product designers who wanted to create a clean, green, convenient way to store and share gum and candy. Gumfriend is currently patent pending.