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Hebenstreit, Germany’s leading manufacturer of wafer production plants for flat and hollow wafers, has been manufacturing equipment since 1898.

In recent years, Hebenstreit’s focus has been in developing their equipment to meet the needs of modern users by reducing capital costs, reducing ongoing operational costs, increasing efficiencies, and reducing the environmental aspects of wafer line operations.

To achieve these objectives Hebenstreit have concentrated its efforts in a number of key areas.

First, the introduction of new burner technology, combustion chambers and air exhaust systems has led to a 20 percent reduction in oven gas consumption. The introduction of these measures has also led to a 60 percent reduction in CO2 emissions — a major factor in today’s environmentally sensitive times particularly as older wafer ovens either breach or are close to breaching European emission standards.

New energy efficient compressed air, steam, electric and air handling innovations have also led to significant reductions in operational costs.

Moreover, new service contracts with custom-designed service menus mean that high equipment efficiencies and low operational costs are maintained year in and year out. New training packages customized to each customer’s operators and maintenance personnel help maintain optimum efficiencies and keep costs down. In addition, advances in engineering techniques have helped reduce wear and spare part usage, greatly reducing annual service costs.

But it’s not only the wafer line that has benefitted from recent developments by Hebenstreit.

New machine developments continue at the company, with the next significant development focused on a new baking plate size. A test rig for a 1,000 mm wide baking plate has been completed and tested and this plate will be capable of increasing the capacity of an oven by up to 40 percent.


 For more information, visit www.hebenstreit.de