PMCA Previews

Dumoulin is the world leader in the construction and process design of large chocolate, sugar, and sugar-free coating machines. It manufactures a complete range of automatic high-capacity panning systems in batch sizes up to 6,600 lbs.

Innovation always has been a trademark at Dumoulin, a force and culture that has led this small bakery machinery business founded in the 1930s to become a market leader in automatic coating technology.

One important advantage of a Dumoulin machine is its innovative design resulting in the smallest bed depth of any similar unit. This, in turn, means that all Dumoulin drums are gentle on delicate centers. Shallow bed depth also increases the amount of surface area in contact with freshly conditioned air. This reduces the processing time that allows the coating to be distributed very quickly and evenly over all centers.

Another innovation involves the company’s 250-kg coating machine, which is suitable both for chocolate coating and varnishing in the same batch. With this unit, Dumoulin once again demonstrates its ability to deliver breakthrough technology.

With this flexible coating machine — a unique and revolutionary piece of equipment — confectioners now have something they have always dreamt of. This innovation meets the demands of small and mid-sized confectioners looking to shift from manual to automatic coating, but doing so within reasonable space and cost constraints. It also addresses the needs of larger manufacturers’ research and development departments.


 For more information, visit www.dumoulin.fr or www.sollichna.com  and/or stop by booth 45