PMCA Previews

Coating is our exclusive business. As experts in the field, our knowledgeable and experienced engineers comprehend every detail involved in this specialized process. Driam supplies large and small coating installations for various applications throughout the entire world.

 Within the food sector, the focus is on confectionery applications, be it in sugar, chocolate or gum. In fact, most producers of panned products are aware of the company’s well-known DRIACOATERS.

In confectionery, hard sugar coating (spraying of solution), soft sugar coating (spraying of solution and application of solid materials) and chocolate coating, represent the most important coating processes. As a global supplier, Driam understands the requirements for confectionery coating installations, which encompass short batch times, cost containment, continuous quality, space management and efficient use of energy.

Manufacturers interested in product development can also take advantage of the company’s Test Center, whereby joint collaboration on existing projects as well as new product concepts can take place. 


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