Royal Duyvis Wiener

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During the past decade, Royal Duyvis Wiener has secured a strong and solid position in the global cocoa and chocolate processing industry.

In 2014, Royal Duyvis Wiener added another new group member: the company JAF Inox, located in Tambau, Brazil. As one of the leading manufacturers of gourmet “bean-to-bar” and laboratory-sized cocoa and chocolate equipment, JAF Inox supplies complete turnkey chocolate production systems all over the globe. Just recently, the company installed a complete bean-to-bar line in the United States.

The Royal Duyvis Wiener group offers you all possible cocoa and chocolate processing options, currently available in the industry.

F.B. Lehmann ’s extensive experience in roll refining technology results in innovative, optimized equipment that provides higher production under the most hygienic conditions. Its chocolate production lines are equipped with Thouet conching systems, guaranteeing the quality of traditionally produced chocolate. Thouet conches, available in capacities up to 12,000 kg/h, enable customers to produce a fine quality chocolate.

The Wiener Q-CHOC principle is the ideal, compact in-house system for either batch or continuous processing of chocolate masses, compound, coatings, bread spreads and an endless variety of fillings. These Q-CHOC lines are available in capacities up to 3,600 kg/h.

Wiener ball mill systems can be used for the production of chocolate with any required fineness, either batch-wise or in continuous lines.

The F.B. Lehmann ball mills, for the refining of compound, coatings, creams and bread spreads in small batches, are suitable for both crystal and powdered sugar-based recipes. The horizontal and conical grinding unit has a high flow rate design, making ultra-fine refining below 20 microns (D90) possible.


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