During the past 40 years, Sollich’s Conbar lines have continuously evolved and improved. Consequently, the line has established itself as the market leader for modern candy and cereal bar production.

The progressive technology, reliability, easy operation and considerable flexibility of the Conbar system — all appreciated features by Sollich’s customers — have contributed to this success.

The Conbar system represents a complete production line for products made of fat materials, soft- and hard-boiled sugars, aerated fat and sugar materials and a variety of mixtures with nuts, fruits or cereals.

The line’s design facilitates handling of the entire production process, starting with material processing and extending through packaging. The Chocotech Candy Division, a subsidiary of Sollich, supplies suitable intermittent or continuous kitchens to produce any kind of mass as well as meet all required capacities. The capacity range of the Conbar system starts at 150 kg/h and extends to several tons per hour.

Products with single or multi-layers and with different shapes also can be produced on the line. In addition, the kitchens precisely correspond to the efficiency and processing requirements of the Conbar lines.

The forming area guarantees a pressureless and precise formation of the slab as well as simple product changeover, thus enhancing flexibility, a critical component today.

The product slab is then cooled or conditioned during formation with the following cooling or conditioning tunnel. The slitting, spreading and precise cutting guarantees exact product dimensions and accurate weights. If required, an accompanying chocolate enrobing line, equipped for either bottom or full enrobing with the option of a decorating unit, increases the range of products that can be produced.

Conbarmeans: Cooking, mixing, forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing.

Conbaralso means: One source of know-how and planning from cooking to packaging.

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