expo milano
This virtual tour of the Cocoa and Chocolate Cluster shows an exhibit of a cocoa plantation.

Expo Milano 2015, an exhibit in which countries gather to build pavilions showcasing their unique attributes, will feature an area dedicated to cocoa.

The Expo's theme is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life," with environmental sustainability playing a key role in its missions and operations. To that end, the Expo has organized the pavilions in nine clusters, each with a food-related theme meant to inspire protection of key crops in each region of the world.

The Cocoa Cluster, where visitors can find the Ivory Coast, Cuba, Cameroon, Sao Tome and Principe and Ghana, will recreate the environment in which cacao plants grow. The common area within the cluster will feature food service along with events and exhibitions that will educate visitors about the "food of the gods."

The pavilions located inside the Cocoa Cluster will also feature exterior designs of light matter that open slightly to reveal the internal canopy, a design that symbolizes the need to protect cocoa.

The other eight clusters will be themed as: Fruits and Legumes, Spices, Bio-Mediterranean, Islands, Arid Zones, Rice, Coffee and Cereal and Tubers.