ECRM Winners

Expanded Oregon Distillers Collection
Moonstruck Chocolate Co., Portland, Ore.
(800) 557-6666

These chocolates are certainly generating a buzz. Moonstruck Chocolate Co. introduced four new flavors to its Oregon Distillers Collection, a set of handcrafted truffles infused with spirits from local distilleries. “Oregon’s community of craft distillers shares our fundamental attitude in creating a gastronomic experience,” Moonstruck chocolatier Julian Rose says. The chocolates certainly are an experience, with notes of marionberry, lemon, ginger and anise.

S.R.P.: (individual) $2.50; (boxed collection) $25

 Ingredients:Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, ivory chocolate, apple and pear brandies, coffee liqueur, aquavit, gin, bourbon whiskey, whiskey, pepper vodka, marionberry vodka, limoncello, ginger liqueur, absinthe, cream, glycerin, corn syrup, clarified butter, dextrose powder, unsweetened chocolate, invert sugar, grain alcohol, natural flavors, xanthan gum, cocoa butter, natural red color, color cocoa butter.