Belgian biscuit

Belgian biscuit, cinnamon and ginger chocolates
NEWTREE, Brussels, Belgium
(415) 785-1185

At NEWTREE, nature is inspiration and Belgian chocolate and snack company has used that inspiration to create three new chocolate bar flavors: Belgian biscuit, cinnamon and ginger. Nature is more than just an inspiration for the company though, it also serves as the backbone by which each bar is made. All the ingredients are organic and Fair Trade, and the treats are high in fiber. So go ahead and indulge, while savoring what nature can offer.

The bars come in three flavors:

•   Belgian biscuit, a dark chocolate bar made with Belgian biscuits, flax seeds and cinnamon.

•   Cinnamon, a milk chocolate bar made with cinnamon and lime blossom extract.

•   Ginger, which pairs dark chocolate with ginger and guarana extract.

Ingredients: (Belgian biscuit) cocoa mass, cane sugar, vegetable oil, biscuits (wheat flour, cane sugar, honey, soy flour non-GMO, baking soda, cinnamon), agave fiber, pure cocoa butter, roasted flax seeds, non-GMO soy lecithin, vanilla flavor.

S.R.P.: (bite-size)$0.29; (1.06-oz. bar) $2.49; (1.76-oz. bar) $3.99; (2.82-oz. bar) $6.75