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Hänsel Processing GmbH

With an unprecedented history of supplying confectionery processing equipment for more than 100 years, Hänsel Processing GmbH (HPG) is one of the few companies able to dovetail tradition with know-how in this field.

When it comes to the manufacturing of jellies, the JellyStar 2014 cooking plant features a compact design, offering the ability to produce high quality aerated and transparent jellies with HPG machines despite limited space.

The thin-layer cooker Rotamat 3609 is perfectly suitable for continuous cooking of sensitive masses, which tend to scorch or need gentle treatment.

The fondant beating machine HFD III, which has a capacity of up to 800 kg/hour (also available for capacities from 150 kg up to 2,400 kg/hour,) has an integrated water circulation system with accurate temperature control for homogenous crystallization.

Also, Candy Recycling GmbH, a new addition, specializes in the manufacture of installations for recovering rework.

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