Ferrara Candy Co.
Photo: Ferrara Candy Co.

Ferrara Candy Co. announced another closure last month, this time affecting its Chattanooga location.

“Like all companies, Ferrara Candy must be proactive in ensuring efficient operations in order to remain competitive,” a Ferrara Candy spokesperson says in a statement. “After a detailed review of our manufacturing capacities and cost structure, the company has determined to consolidate our manufacturing operations.”

It will close its Chattanooga production plant by the end of the year and lay off all its manufacturing employees. Some corporate employees will stay in Chattanooga but move to another location.

The facility will be put up for sale, and Ferrara Candy says it hopes may re-hire the employees. Regardless, Ferrara Candy plans to offer severance, outplacement services and internal opportunities.

Ferrara Candy laid off 95 employees at the plant earlier this year. In 2012, the company closed a packaging and distribution center, also in Chattanooga, following a merger between Ferrara Pan Candy Co. and Farley’s & Sathers. The merger also led to the closure of a Farley’s & Sathers facility in Minnesota and the Chattanooga-based Sathers Trucking Co.

The company produces a number of popular brands, including Brach’s, Lemonhead, Now & Later and Red Hots.