M&M'S Crispy

M&M’S celebrated Thursday with a throwback: M&M’S Crispy Milk Chocolate Candies. The brand announced the popular product will return to shelves in January after a 10-year hiatus.

With a decade of petitions, phone calls and Facebook posts, the people asked and Mars Chocolate North America finally answered. Originally launched as a limited-edition item first available in 1998, the item struck a chord with consumers who clamored for its return after it was pulled off the market in 2005. Eventually, it became the top Mars product consumers wanted to see again.

“When M&M’S fans talk, we listen,” says Seth Klugherz, senior director of M&M’S chocolate candies. “And consumers have made it clear that M&M’S Crispy are so irresistible, we had to bring them back.”

For those who missed out last time, the classic sweet is sure to make an impression.

“We’re just as excited to introduce this delicious product to a new generation of chocolate lovers,” Klugherz adds.

M&M’S Crispy features crispy centers covered in rich, creamy milk chocolate and colorful candy shells. They are slightly larger than the original milk chocolate variety and will be sold in green bags.

The January launch will be the biggest M&M’S launch since M&M’S Pretzel Chocolate Candies in 2010.