Neal Adams

Neal Adams Chocolate Bars
Sweet! HollywoodHollywood, Calif.
213) 249-8244 

Neal Adams, the American comic book and commercial artist best known for helping to create the definitive modern imagery of DC Comics characters such as Superman, Batman, and the Green Arrow, now is bringing his design talents to the candy world. This man, who’s a legend in the comic book world, has designed a collection of bars for Sweet! Hollywood. Each one features Adams’ signature style on the wrappers. 

The collection includes:

  • A Man vs. Lizard bar, featuring peanut butter and milk chocolate.
  • A Jungle man jumping to a branch bar, featuring toffee milk chocolate.
  • An ARMOR bar, featuring dark chocolate with raspberry. 
  • A Bucky O’Hare bar, featuring milk chocolate and rice bubbles.
  • A Crazyman bar, featuring milk chocolate and almonds and mix nuts.
  • A Jungle man vs. man warriors bar, featuring salted dark chocolate.

Ingredients: N/A

S.R.P.: (4-oz. bar) $8.99