Callebaut Chocolate Academy Belgium

The newest Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre has officially opened in Belgium.

The flagship Chocolate Academy center offers professionals from all backgrounds a place to learn and strengthen skills while working with Callebaut Finest Belgian Chocolate.

Located next to the factory where Callebaut has been crafting chocolate from cocoa beans since 1911, the Academy builds upon 25 years of sharing know-how with artisans for each production step from bean to chocolate.

Callebaut is the Belgian chocolate brand of Barry Callebaut, the world's leading manufacturer of premium chocolate and cocoa products.

"The Chocolate Academy centers are unique when it comes to sharing best practices and increasing chocolate mastery,” says Freek van der Knaap, v.p. of gourmet - Western Europe.”Currently, in our 16 training centres around the world, we partner with craftsmen such as chocolatiers, bakers, pastry and kitchen chefs. In the Chocolate Academy centre, chocolate professionals will come to train themselves, follow courses and receive demonstrations — from professionals, for professionals."

1,000 professionals expected per year

Callebaut Chocolate Academy Belgium

To date in Wieze, about 300 people follow training and take courses each year. That number is expected to climb to 1,000 with the new Academy.

"More than ever Belgium is seen the world over as the home of Callebaut and heart of chocolate know-how," says Geert Kiesekoms, gourmet sales director - Benelux.

Trainings are conducted by Callebaut Chefs and complemented by "Chocolate Ambassadors," a global network of renowned chefs who share their chocolate expertise with other members of their profession.

"This new Academy is an incredible asset to chefs. Where else can one find a mini-production line to illustrate how Callebaut chocolate is made, or even make chocolate themselves?" says Chef Alexandre Bourdeaux, head of the Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Wieze.

From Plantation to the Chocolate Tasting Ritual Room: a 360° chocolate experience

Callebaut Chocolate Academy Belgium

The new Callebaut Chocolate Academy centre offers a variety of attractions to its visitors, such as:

  • The Chocolaterie, Bakery Shop, Pastry Lab and the Chef's Table: Individual training spaces geared toward instructing one specific group of artisans, i.e. chocolatiers, bakers, pastry chefs and restaurant chefs.
  • The Plantation: A small-scale reproduction of a tropical forest that features cocoa trees. It allows chocolate professionals to be immersed in the world of cocoa and see cocoa fruits in a natural habitat.
  • A Chocolate Tasting Ritual Room: A special room where a sensory specialist guides the guests through the varied world of chocolate flavors.
  • The Chocotorium: A 100-seat theater available for lectures given by chocolate experts.
  • A Chocolate Bar: Visitors can sample freshly-made hot and cold chocolate drinks.
  • A Chocolate Library: Offers a vast collection of books on chocolate and a variety of potential applications