Mon Ame Chocolat

Luxe Chocolat, a popular Chicago-based confectionary and bakery, is changing its name to Mon Âme Chocolat.

The change is an effort to give the company its own distinct identity and eliminate any confusion between similar dessert brands across the nation.

"My vision is to create desserts and chocolate that are beloved and delicious for the health-conscious and nutrition-conscious market," says Ramona Thomas, founder of the newly named Mon Âme Chocolat. "My product line continues to expand due to the outpouring of love from our customers — and it fills my soul with so much gratitude. I felt the company deserved a name that is all our own."  

Mon Âme Chocolatis French for "my chocolate soul". Foodies and sweet aficionados have described Thomas’ specialization in a range of fine chocolates and baked sweets as “good for the soul without any guilt” since 2011.

Mon Âme Chocolat products are best described as "all-natural, all the time". Every item is made with all-natural and/or organic ingredients, without preservatives or artificial ingredients and colorings, such as corn syrups, hydrogenated oils and FD&C Red #40.

"When it comes to ingredients, my philosophy is less is more, and quality makes all the difference in the world," Thomas says.