Over the past year, Lollyphile has introduced some unusual flavors. Their line of gourmet lollipops now come in blue cheese, wine, sriracha bacon, and, perhaps most unusual of all, breast milk.

And the company’s latest crazy flavor doesn’t disappoint. Lollyphile has released three beer-flavored lollipops: IPA, Lager and Stout.

“People have been asking us to make beer lollipops for years,” says Jason Darling, Lollyphile’s owner. “Every time we tried one out, though, it felt too generic. So we decided to specialize — and Lager, Stout, and IPA felt like a good three to start with."

The company tried its best to stay true to each of the varieties.

“Stout being big & dark, IPA being hoppy as hell, and Lager based on our favorite Pilsner,’ Darling explains. “It was, to say the least, a very fun flavor matching experience. We came out of the whole process with a whole new appreciation for the subleties of beer. And also with the beginnings of beer bellies."

And the beer-flavored lollipops are just the latest in Lollyphile’s impressive selection of cocktail-influenced lollipops. The company also makes a strawberry-banana daiquiri flavor, a strawberry-basil mojito, and a salty dog lollipop.

"I've basically always wanted to own a bar," said Jason. "While I'll probably never get around to it, I've made a pretty cute substitute via Lollyphile. I've got basically a full bar of flavors locked down. I guess I should do something with gin at some point. Spoiler alert, I guess?"

For the rest of the week, Lollyphile is offering 50% off it's entire line of lollipops with discount code BEERBREAK at checkout.

Lollyphile started in San Francisco in 2008, offering Absinthe and Maple Bacon lollipops. Since then, they’ve substantially grown their flavor list, and moved to Austin, Texas.