PurAgave 100% Pure Dried Agave Products
Island Abbey Foods Ltd., Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
(902) 367-9722

PurAgave- 100 percent pure-dried agave products is the newest thing from Island Abbey Foods, a PEI, Canada-based specialty food and natural health product produce. The novel patented pure-dried platform technology was created to solidify Blue Agave Nectar. The PurAgave brand product line includes:  PurAgave Agave Delights, the world’s first 100 percent pure-dried agave candy and sweetener for tea or coffee; and PurAgave Agave Lozenges, which contain 100 percent pure-dried agave with a small amount of naturally derived menthol and eucalyptus, and no artificial ingredients. Delights are a delicious treat or sweetener for a hot beverage, while Lozenges are great for the temporary relief of sore throat and nasal congestion.

Ingredients: (Agave Delights) 100 percent pure agave (Agave Lozenges) 99 percent pure agave, 1 percent menthol and eucalyptus

 S.R.P.: (1 pc. Delight) $0.35 (20-count Delight) $7.99 (10-count sleeve Lozenges) $5.99