Carmit's New Gluten-free Cluster Collection

Carmit New Gluten-free Cluster Collection
Carmit Candy IndustriesRishon Letzion, Israel
(972) 3-963-7000

The perfect blend of crispy, chewy and sweet! Carmit is going gluten-free with its new clusters. The new line features a wide range of flavorful combinations of gluten-free cereals and dried fruits or nuts, covered in chocolate or yogurt. The chocolate clusters include an irresistible combination of taste and texture: crispy gluten-free cereals and chewy dried fruits, covered in milk or dark chocolate. The yogurt clusters echo favorite breakfast flavors with their blend of crispy rice cereal, almonds and raspberries. They’re coated in yogurt for an easily portable snack. The clusters can be custom packed in different sizes and shapes as private-label for marketers, restaurant chains and retailers, and for on-the-go packages or a multi-pack. Ingredients vary, as Carmit does tailor-made recipes.

Ingredients: N/A

 S.R.P.: (4.9-oz bag) €3.50