An IT'SUGAR store in Manhattan. Photo provided.

Specialty candy and gift retailer IT’SUGAR is expanding into The Village at Meridian in Boise, Idaho.  This will mark the first store opening for IT’SUGAR in the state.

Scheduled to open April 16, the 1,570 sq.-ft. location will features more than 1,000 confections.

“Everyone needs a place where they can let loose and indulge,” says Jeff Rubin, founder of IT’SUGAR. “I am so excited to bring my love of candy to such a gem of a state!”

IT’SUGAR is “the” place for sweet tooth junkies, and the Easter bunny himself, to get their fix.

Featuring an array of choices that will please just about anyone, IT’SUGAR offers candy from every category, including: chocolate, gummy, sour, old skool and more.

And, it’s the exclusive home to several of the world’s largest boxes of candy including The World’s Largest Box of Nerds, The World’s Largest SweeTarts Candy, and The World’s Largest Box of Pop Rocks.

Never one to stop at a candy rush alone, IT’SUGAR also boasts an incredible array of fashion and novelty items.  

IT’SUGAR T-Shirts have irreverent and humorous sayings inspired by candy favorites and pop culture properties from Ted, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Heroes, Disney, Marilyn Monroe, Nerds and Peeps.

Novelty items for all other aspects of life line the walls, including: fun tech accessories such as iPhone cases and headphones, as well as entire sections dedicated to licensed products and gifts, “Funky Flavors” and “Vintage” themed items. Their playful and adventurous aesthetic is a treat for the eyes.

Founded by Jeff Rubin in 2006, this saccharine experience has become one of the largest and fastest growing specialty candy and gift retailers in the world.

IT’SUGAR has more than 60 retail location in the U.S., including stores in New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, San Diego and Palm Beach, in addition to chic international destinations such as London, Dubai, and Grand Cayman.  

With aggressive growth plans, IT’SUGAR sees a future where all teenagers (and those who want to feel like one) have access to the pure joy that comes from indulging in a movement where life doesn’t have rules — “the IT’SUGAR movement.”