Innovative thinking merged with energy efficiency to produce Aasted’s line of energy savers, which include the SuperNova Energy Temperer and the Energy Enrober. Both were developed with the intention of minimizing energy consumption while reducing the cost. The end result has not only demonstrated energy savings but also delivered better chocolate quality.

Aasted’s line of energy savers was conceived with the launch of the company’s highly successful SuperNova Energy tempering machine. In essence, the SuperNova Energy Temperer is Aasted’s “back-to-the-future” development recreating the slab-tempering method.

Through this process, a large quantity of Beta 5 crystals are created in one-third of the mass by allotting extra time and shear and then recirculating that mass to the remaining un-crystallized two-thirds. Both time and shear are essential to create the many small stable Beta 5 crystals, which allow a higher output temperature and dense crystal structures to form for slower fat migration. The company’s patented SuperResponse water system, combined with a unique three-way valve, makes this breakthrough possible.    

The development process for the energy-saving enrober produces the same benefit that emerged with the SuperNova Energy Temperer — better quality chocolate. The Energy Enrober operates by direct injections of the final tempered chocolate mass from the tempering machine to the consumption flow. This process reduces the amount of chocolate used by half, which enables the use of a smaller tempering machine.

Moreover, with this method, the Energy Enrober is capable of running 24/7 without stoppage and with higher energy-savings. Additionally, the unit ensures a homogeneous tempered mass as well as a constant tempering index and temperature in the enrober.

When combining the SuperNova Energy tempering machine with the Energy Enrober, the results are unmistakable. The combination of the two energy machines has shown savings from 50 to 80 percent and better chocolate with a higher gloss and a crispier snap compared to traditional tempering and enrobing units.

Innovative thinking and energy-efficiency walk hand in hand when developing machinery for the future. Integrating both, combined with the goal of improving and producing better chocolate quality, mades Aasted the leader in delivering energy-savings today and in the future.

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