The annual Candy Planning: Everyday & Non-Seasonal ECRM event offers buyers a chance to see what’s in store for the coming year. This year, candy makers set up shop in a hotel or conference room at the Marriott New Orleans, Sept. 15-Sept. 18, while buyers went from room to room to get a personal look at the all the delicious new candy slated to debut in the coming months.

Candy Industry Magazine and ECRM also hosted a Buyer’s Choice award again this year. Manufacturers supplied 100 samples of their favorite new items, and the buyers had a chance to vote for their favorite New Chocolate, New Non-Chocolate and New Novelty items. The winners received free advertising in the November issue as well as digital ads online.Candy Industry would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and offer all of the winners our sincerest congratulations! 

Also, be sure to check out the Buyer’s Roundtable discussion held during the ECRM event. It’s full of candid insights and enlightening conversation!

1. Cemoi Nature

Cemoi, New York, N.Y.

The French brand Cemoi Chocolatier has introduced a new line of organic chocolate bars, that includes eight flavors, each created with pure cocoa, intense and fruity flavors. The new Nature range combines the overall philosophy of the Cemoi Group on cocoa and meets the expectations of consumers who want sustainable chocolate. Some of the flavors include: 64% Dark Chocolate with Quinoa, 72% Dark Chocolate from Educador, and 55% Dark Chocolate with Raspberry

S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99

2. Capricorn Soft Eating Liquorice

Morris National, Azusa, Calif.
(626) 969-8670

Morris National is now the exclusive United States-distributor forCapricorn Liquorice.

This soft eating liquorice is proudly made in Australia to ensure it features a soft texture. Made with no artificial flavors or colors, Morris National will be offering it in Traditional and Strawberry.

S.R.P.: (7-oz. peg bag) $2.99

3. New Brach’s Items

Ferrara Candy Co., Chicago, Ill.


Brach’shas a whole new look, as well as an array of delicious new items available in re-sealable stand-up pouches, including: Strawberry Greek Yogurt Granola Bites, Dark Chocolate Blueberry Acai, Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites, Milk Chocolate Trail Mix Clusters, Berries & Yogurt Gummies, Superfruit Gummies in delicious superfruit flavors like Acai, Blueberry, Cranberry, Dragonfruit, Marionberry and Pomegranate.

S.R.P.: $2.99

4. Coffee Thins 3-pack

Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa LLC, Miami
(786) 364-4444

Tierra Nueva’s Coffee Thins are now available in a three-pack. Each delicious Coffee Thin contains the same amount of caffeine as 1/4 cup of Coffee. Although processed in a similar fashion to cocoa beans in chocolate, these individually wrapped treats use coffee beans to give the consumer the same caffeine boost that they would get from coffee. Available in three flavors: Espresso, Americano, and Latte.

S.R.P.: $1

5. Crackin’ Up Cotton Candy

Fun Sweet, West Palm Beach, Fla.
(561) 585-1116

Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs. What did the water say to the boat? Nothing, it just waved. With Jokes on every bucket, this cotton candy is sure to be fun to eat! Available in three flavors: Blue Razpberry, Orange, and Lemon.

S.R.P.: (1.5-oz. bucket)$1.39

6. Gustafs Dutch Licorice Bears

Gerrit J./ Verburg Co., Fenton Mich.
(810) 750-9779

These licorice bears have been a great seller in Europe and now are available for the American consumer. The soft textured jelly bear features a mildly flavored licorice that’s bound to win over any candy lover in the United States.

S.R.P.: (5.2-oz. bag)$1.99

7. Darrell Lea Chocolate-Covered Licorice

Darrell Lea, Irving, Texas
(214) 351-9060

Darrell Leamay be known in the United States for its licorice, but in its home country of Australia, it’s also know for its chocolate. Now, the candy maker is combining the two to create a brand-new offering; Chocolate Coated Soft Eating Licorice. Available in three delicious flavors; Milk Chocolate Coated Strawberry, Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberry and Pomegranate, and Milk Chocolate Coated Original.

S.R.P.: (4.2-oz. bag) $2.99

8. Bon Bon Boom

Colombina, Miami
(786) 265-1920

Bon Bon Boomis a delicious bubble gum pop that comes in three bold and mouthwatering flavors: Berry Explosion, Sour Assortment and Watermelon. The three flavors come in two different presentations: 48-ct. display boxes great for C-stores, Mom & Pops and Cash & Carry, and a 13-ct. lay down bags ideal for grocery, drugstores and mass.

S.R.P.: (7.8-oz bags) $1; (12-oz. bags) $1.99-$2.15

9. CrunchE’s

Enstrom Candies, Grand Junction, Colo.
(800) 367-8766

These individually wrapped chocolates feature different all-natural inclusions and come in four flavors: 61% cacao dark chocolate with crushed peppermint, diced roasted almonds, or coarsely ground espresso beans, and premium milk chocolate withEnstrom’s luscious Butter Toffee.

S.R.P.: (9-gr. piece) 2 for $1

10. Flavor Ice line

Ford Gum & Machine Co., Akron, N.Y.
(716) 542-4561

Ford Gum is launching a new line of Flavor Ice treats, including: Flavor Ice Cherry Bubblegum filled with Blue Raspberry Sweet Powder; Flavor Ice Grape Bubblegum filled with Strawberry Sweet Powder; and Flavor Ice Powder Filled Gum assorted flavors.

S.R.P.: $0.99

11. Fruit Vines

American Licorice, Union City, Calif.
(866) 442 – 2783

The makers of Red Vines bring you a new soft, chewy, fruity candy: Fruit Vines Bites.

Packed with delicious fruit, flavors include: Strawberry and Cherry. Low fat and made without preservatives, Fruit Vines Bites will be available in three sizes: 2-oz. count good, 5-oz. hanging bags and 10-oz. stand-up bags.

S.R.P.: (5-oz. hanging bag)$1.49; (10-oz. stand-up bag) $2.99-$3.49

12. Fudgie Wudgie and Boardwalk Gable Boxes

Three Rivers Confections, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa.
(877) 998.3443

Three Rivers Confections has completely redesigned their 6-oz. gable boxes, which now feature a larger window, a glossy finish and color specific packaging for each flavor of gourmet fudge.

S.R.P.: (Fudgie Wudgie)$6; (Boardwalk) $3

13. Megaload

ABS Marketing Group, LLCWest Hempstead, N.Y.
(516) 252-4806

Megaload candy bars come in three varieties: Original, Sweet & Salty, and Caramel. Made with a chocolate base and loads of candy in each bar, they’re a decadent treat with a crunch in every bite.

S.R.P.: (2.8-oz. bar) $1.79-$1.99

14. Cotton Candy Sour Power Straws

Dorval Trading, Nanuet, N.Y.
(800) 367-8252

The newest Sour Power Straws flavor is sure to bring back memories of circus acts and seats under the big top. Sour Power Cotton Candy Straws come as a mix of pink and blue straws and taste just like the Cotton Candy adults and kids love to remember. The packaging is playful and fun, with a Big-Top Circus theme. Cotton Candy joins the other existing flavors of Straw Packages including: Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Green Apple and Sour Power Sortz.

S.R.P.: (1.75-oz. bag)$0.99-$1.29

15. Pennsylvania Dutch Candies

The Warrell Corp., Camp Hill, Pa.
(800) 233-7082

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies branded products are perfectly suited for specialty retailers looking for an easy way to get more involved in the booming nostalgic candies business. Popular Items include: Honey Toasted Peanuts, Cashews, Almonds, Hanging Bags of Nostalgic Candies, Butter Mints, as well as Wrapped and Unwrapped Bulk Candies.

S.R.P.: N/A

16. Johnny Moo Intense Milk flavoring pods

Webb Candy Co., Eagan, Minn.
(888) 987-9322

Johnny MooIntense Milk flavoring pods (no sugar and zero calories) are a whole new way to flavor milk. Made so that consumers can sip their milk while it flows through the pod, it creates a flavor experience that’s much more intense than the traditional milk straws. Available in chocolate, strawberry, banana, and assorted flavors.

S.R.P.: (5-pack)$1.99

17. Innovative Candy Concepts

Atlanta, GA
(800) 621.1954

Sinfully DeliciousSqueeze Candy is a whole new way to enjoy chocolate. Completely sugar free, fat free and less than 75 calories, it’s available in three delicious flavors: Creamy Chocolate, Chocolate Caramel Swirl, and Chocolate Cheesecake. And, a Dark Chocolate flavor already is in the works. 

S.R.P.: (1-oz. pack) $0.89-$1.29

18. Sun Cups

Seth Ellis Chocolatier, Boulder, Colo
(720) 470 3257

Sun Cups, which are chocolate cups made with sunflower butter instead of peanut butter so they’re peanut allergen free, now feature bright new packaging. Phrases like “Yummy in the tummy” on the Milk Chocolate flavor and “Ooey-Googey Goodness” on the caramel cups are meant to target moms and kids looking for a mindful alternative to other confections on the market. Available in four flavors: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel Cups and Mint Cups.

S.R.P.: N/A

19. Jelly Belly Cake Bites from Swiss Colony

Swiss Colony Brands, Inc., Monroe, Wis.
(608) 328-8400

These confections are layers of cake and crème all enrobed in “Swiss Crème”.  The butter crème layers are flavored to taste just like theJelly Belly jelly bean that decorates the top. Available in three flavors: Very Cherry, Lemon and Blueberry & Pomegranate. 

S.R.P.: (9)$4.99

20. Wine Thins and Spirit Collection

G.Debbas, Fresno, Calif.
(559) 294-2071

Wine Thins are hand crafted with pure chocolate, and premium California wine, reduced to create a creamy truffle center.  The alcohol content is 0.05 percent, so it can be sold in all 50 states. Meanwhile, the Premium Panned Spirit Collection is artisanally crafted with pure chocolate, and the finest Californian fruits and nuts.  With each piece, consumers can savor the flavors of America’s favorite spirits.

S.R.P.: (9-piece box) $3.00-$4.99

21. Dark Chocolate Mint filled Break-A-Part!

Sweetworks, Buffalo, N.Y.
(877) 261-7887

All-natural chocolate spheres, shaped like an orange that “breaks apart” into numerous slices, the Break-A-Parts are now available in a dark chocolate mint-filled variety. The sphere breaks into little chocolate pieces and each one is filled with mint.

S.R.P.: (6.1-oz. sphere) $3.99