Hebenstreit:  Innovation ensures global growth

Christian A. Werner, general sales director

Hebenstreit is recognized worldwide as the manufacturer for state-of-the-art wafer production lines for flat and hollow wafers. The company’s wafer production lines, which range from medium to high capacity, are all designed and manufactured in Germany.

The scope of supply comprises the entire gamut for a wafer production line: equipment for raw material feeding technology, batter and cream mixing systems, baking machines, sheet coolers, conditioning systems, cream spreading and layering machines, cooling units, cutting machines and the necessary downstream equipment for feeding the wafer fingers directly to the wrapping machines or any post-connected equipment such as chocolate enrobers, moulding lines etc.

During the last year Hebenstreit has put in further efforts to continue the development of fully automatic sugar wafer batter production systems, which are widely used in the ice cream cone industry. With this technology Hebenstreit is now able to tailor various batter mixing systems to their customers’ needs. Product development, formulation improvements and technical support as well as training courses are another very important part of Hebenstreit’s customer service.

Owing to their medium company size, Hebenstreit can still support their customers with a special personal touch. Hebenstreit is constantly improving its technology, and, as a result of such, the output of its wafer machines has recently been increased significantly.

For example, a “green burner” technology has been introduced  to bake the wafers with a minimum of energy consumption. In addition, CO emissions has been reduced by more than 60%.

Beside this, Hebenstreit has completed the development for the world’s first laser cleaning system for wafer baking plates. This technology cleans baking plates within the shortest time and without any chemicals.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s evident that many of the worldwide popular wafer products are made with Hebenstreit’s technology and support. Contact Hebenstreit for further information and to experience “excellent engineering for delicious results.”

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