Caotech: Focus remains on energy savings

Innovation is an important keyword at Caotech. Our long term contacts with the customers are essential to improve our cocoa, chocolate and confectionery process equipment.

Jon Hammink, managing director

As I have stated last year, the energy costs are important for deciding which machine is most suitable. In 2013 we noticed this development became even more important. We are constantly investigating how to bring down energy costs, in combination with maintenance costs. In most cases energy costs can be reduced with minimal investment and payback periods around one year. In cocoa grinding we are supplying more and more wear-resistant parts, saving costs and down time.

For this processing of cocoa, we have recently developed a more efficient grinding line. Our PG 3000/6000 beater blade mill has been specially designed for the continuous pre-grinding of cocoa nibs. This beater blade mill, a high speed type, has a unique configuration between beater blades and milling chamber and slotted sieve, giving an optimum use for continuous pre-grinding. This, in combination with the CAO 4000 continuous ball mill refiner, is reducing the necessary footprint while saving our customers energy and maintenance costs.

 Another development we see in the upcoming markets, where we are cooperating with small- and medium-sized chocolate factories, involves developing and producing  one’s own, special chocolate. In many cases these are organic chocolate producers, who want to have the production know-how in house. Instead of buying chocolate in blocks or liquid, they are starting to produce high quality chocolate on the CHOCOCON or CAO B2000 mixer, refiner and conche machines in combination with the CWC 1000 conching unit.

In 2013 we will further invest in our laboratory/test facility, where we have recently installed a laser diffraction analyser. Beside the new laser diffraction analyser, we have other laboratory equipment to be used for conducting trials. We notice that many companies see this as an excellent tool for product innovations.

For many years we have been a major player in processing/grinding equipment for the cocoa, chocolate, compound and ice cream coating industry. Every day we cooperate with our customers, being flexible, innovative and competitive. This will secure our future growth.

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