Hänsel Processing: Delivering energy savings in an innovative manner

Frank Temme, co-managing director

Under ownership of managing directors Heiko Kuehn and Frank Temme,  Hänsel Processing GmbH is known for its outstanding experience and expertise in supplying high quality and innovative confectionery processing equipment. We constantly strive to keep up with the customers´ most up-to-date demands and that is why we dedicate a large amount of time and money in the area of energy recovering systems as well as automation.

Lately, the R&D department — in cooperation with the management — succeeded in developing a unique cooker perfectly suitable for energy savings. This means that savings of up to 50 percent (by reduction of recipe water) will be possible by the use of the brand new machine UNISOLVE for cooking and dissolving of candy masses. The patent-pending UNISOLVE process, which allows gentlest handling of product product, varies from other,  already known, procedures.   

Our close working relationships with customers, particularly in listening to and addressing their demands, also allows us to address the topic of sustainability, which is becoming more and more important in the worldwide confectionery industry market. Moreover, our traditional and at the same time highly innovative and economical machines are designed for maximum productivity.

Today, what counts are short changeover times, long maintenance intervals and uncomplicated, fast customer service. A user-friendly design guarantees continuous high outputs even after a short period of vocational adjustment, not only for high quality hard candies (center-filled, aerated, laminated, milky, sugar free, medicated, specialities), but also for all kinds of other sugar products, jelly & fondant (gelatine, agar agar, pectin, gum arabic, starch, fondant crème, bakery fondant, milk fondant, fruit fondant), toffee (milk caramel, éclair, fruit candies,chewy candies, caramel layers, specialities), and bar (foam sugar, candy bars,granola, torrone, halwa) products.

When it comes to gums and jellies, we recently had a breakthrough with regard to producing extraordinarily high-quality products with an excellent nutritional value. TheJellyStar cooking plant, appropriate for all common jellying agents, is characterized by a compact design, offering the possibility to produce high quality aerated and transparent jellies with HPG machines, even within a limited footprint.

The products are processed extremely carefully in this cooker with low-vapor pressure and short residence time. By means of the JellyStar, nutritional gums and jellies (including temperature-sensitive, natural/nutritional additives) can be manufactured with very high dosing preciseness and the lowest thermic force.

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