Hosokawa Bepex: Innovation part of corporate culture

Ulrich Gehrke, regional director of sales

As a provider of first-class process solutions, Hosokawa Bepex is engaged in designing new processes and innovative equipment. Innovation is a central element of our daily work environment in every division of our company.

Innovation starts with small adjustments to project-specific requirements, involves new processing steps in established procedures and finally includes total new plant concepts aimed at developing new markets.

Hosokawa Bepex always aims for the highest goals. Only the most efficient processes, the most flexible solutions and the best end products are good enough to present to our customers. This dovetails with the customer’s requirements to achieve significant cost reductions in the production process, to produce end products of the highest quality, and to have flexible production plants with fast product changeovers, and easy cleaning procedures.

The multiplicity of customer requirements and our broad portfolio of solutions in diverse technical areas of our different brands (process engineering for the cooking equipment of our brandTER BRAAK, mechanical engineering for the forming and cutting plants of our brandBEPEX-HUTT, and thermal processes for the enrobing machines and cooling tunnels of our brand KREUTER) can only be mastered by a team of experts from all disciplines. Our employees are experts in their fields and in cooperation with our customers are able to obtain the ideal solution for any given project.

Our customers know and value the personal commitment of our employees and put their trust in us while searching for the optimal solution.  In today’s environment, customers are searching for hygienic designs without compromising in the production process. Easy-clean applications and fast-product changeovers are currently hot topics, too.  The demand for these kinds of solutions from our customers extends worldwide. 

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