Carle & Montanari-OPM: Innovation enhances experience, service

Moreno Roncato, chief executive officer

At Carle&Montanari-OPM , “innovation” means introducing significant improvements that bring real value to our customers.

Since Carle & Montanari and OPM have merged, our commitment has been to provide state-of-the-art solutions for all our equipment, from cocoa processing and chocolate preparation to end-of-line packaging.

This commitment coincides with our decision to maintain two operational sites, one focused on the chocolate processing and moulding and the other one on moulding and packaging lines, both with a dedicated and experienced R&D department.

It’s not by chance that our pay-off is “The tradition of innovation,” which means that even if our companies boast of a long heritage (Carle & Montanari was founded in 1907 and OPM was started in 1978), continuous innovation remains the foundation for both and represents the source of success for us and our  customers through the years.

Recently Carle & Montanari-OPM made important innovations in the chocolate processing area: MicronSense, the automatic fineness control system for HFI refiners.

This control system, now available for all the HFI series, works on machine control parameters, guaranteeing a constant fineness in the refining process.

The control unit is based on a fineness reading principle, which uses a precise optical NIR analyser without direct contact of refined powder product.

The control provides the fineness adjustment if the actual reading does not match the target value in the recipe, thus ensuring constant quality of the refiner production.

The feedback control acts on the speed of the 1st roll of the refiner.

Our second most recent innovation is the Beta X, the new vertical tempering machine.

BETA X is the perfect solution for all those customers who need extreme flexibility in tempering chocolate: BETA X can be used between 10% to 100% of its nominal flow rate.

It’s really compact and ready to use: thanks to the SMART TEMP, a patent-pending feature, all machine parameters and sectors are automatically adjusted according to the chocolate flow rate needed.

This will bring more flexibility in the traditional tempering process with huge energy saving, especially with usage of Fast-Shell or similar cold punch technology (i.e. Frozen Cone, Cold Stamp, etc).

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