Royal Duyvis Wiener: A complete, innovative and strong trio

Royal Duyvis Wiener has strengthened its position in the cocoa- and chocolate processing industry. We are glad to announce that since  July 1, Thouet GmbH is the newest member of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group.

Mirjam van Dijk, managing director

Founded in 1947, Thouet GmbH is an experienced and well-known manufacturer of a variety of high-quality machinery and equipment for the chocolate and cocoa industry, such as conches, melters, mixers, kneaders, pumps and cocoa powder pulverising plants.

Royal Duyvis Wiener and F.B. Lehmann value the strategic potential of the Thouet technology and are looking forward to combine their excellent technologies in the related markets of cocoa and confectionery processing. We especially look forward to incorporate F.B. Lehmann’s know-how in refining with the mixing and conching technology of Thouet.

With the acquisition of Thouet, the introduction of the newest liquid conching technology (CLC) at Royal Duyvis Wiener, the introduction of the latest technology in lab scale chocolate refining equipment and the laboratory 2 + 5  roll refiner at F.B. Lehmann, the company stays on top of innovation and focused on customers’ wishes worldwide.

This newly formed threesome offers innovative solutions from ‘stand-alone’ machines to turn-key processing plants for the production of cocoa, chocolate, compound, and nut pastes.

Our dedicated staff at Thouet, F.B. Lehmann and Royal Duyvis Wiener, is looking forward in translating your challenges in cocoa- and chocolate processing into sustainable solutions.

Royal Duyvis Wiener: your reliable travel partner on the path from cocoa bean to chocolate!

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