Bühler: Challenges drive innovative solutions

Thomas Bischof, product marketing manager

Increasing cocoa shortage, changing requirements for the end product and improved energy efficiency – these are the challenges that the cocoa and chocolate processing industry is facing, which are affecting not only producers but also suppliers of the industry. Bühler, as one of the leading technology partners for the cocoa and chocolate industry, has solutions for the entire value chain – from cocoa roasting to the moulded chocolate product.

The latest innovation by Bühler Barth is the two-in-one drum roaster Tornado RSX. The new cocoa nibs roaster combines convective and conductive roasting technologies in a single roasting cycle that allows optimal recipe differentiation based on end-product quality. Hot air streams through the cocoa nibs can be used for faster drying, saving process energy or for improving roasting notes. The conductive process enables the traditional roasting flavor to develop and can be combined with the new process possibility of convective roasting.

Thanks to this new process design, the roasting time of cocoa nibs can be significantly reduced (+/-20%) with no impact on flavor and with reduced energy consumption.

In chocolate mass refining, a highly efficient motor used in a special drive concept within the Buhler five- roll refiner offers the opportunity to reduce energy costs by 5 to 10 percent per year on one refiner. The result of the new drive concept are less energy consumption and therefore a more environmental friendly chocolate process and also lower production costs because of lower energy consumption.

 In chocolate moulding there is almost no limit to the varieties and shapes of moulded chocolate products. As a result of this moulding, it must be possible to apply lines flexibly. The ChocoStar Compact from Bühler Bindler fulfills exactly this requirement. The modular design ensures highest product flexibility and allows the line to be expanded easily. A further important feature of the ChocoStar Compact is the increased efficiency of the entire moulding line, including the depositing process.

 The groundbreakingFlexiNozzle is a new depositing nozzle from Bühler Bindler. Thanks to its flexible valves, FlexiNozzle guarantees depositing accuracy and clear tail breaking. As a result, the moulds are less polluted and there are fewer damaged products. Furthermore, cleaning and service times can also be reduced. To avoid any loose pieces falling into the moulds, in the unlikely event of a breakage the valves can be detected using a standard metal detector.